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Tonight I had the opportunity to watch the television show on National GeographicDog Whisperer” for the first time. I had heard about the television show from one of my cousins last month. Finally I had the chance to catch a few episodes tonight. I am impressed with the “dog whisperer,” especially after witnessing dude calm down two dueling pit bulls. Must see televisions…I kid you not. These pit bulls were literally locked jawed on each others face….see I would have called the SPCA with a quickness and ran out the door until they arrived to haul the dog to the pound. My hats are off to the owners of dogs that are extremely powerful and need serious training. My little tiny Shitz Poo gives me and my family much joy and unconditional love. He found us and has a kindred spirit. My perception of dogs were based on my youth when I was younger I watched a dog chased my sister around the yard trying to bite her. My siblings, cousins and I stood there in disbelief and I was somewhat horrified from the experience well into adulthood. Back in the day I thought dogs hated cats too! Now I live with two cats and a dog. Go figure….they are truly mans best friend when they are behaved, loved and well taken care of and become part of the family.

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