Favorite Black Girl Rock Moment


Patti Labelle sung my favorite “black girls rock” song of the night. “You Are My Friend”.  I love love love that song. Can you believe the diva is over 65 years old? Looking fabulous too….when doll did the knee bend with high heels. I was in my family room screaming Patti Labelle’s and Misty Copeland’s name. SMH…..I have too much fun and get joy from the simplest things in life. I absolutely enjoyed watching Misty Copeland perform before Ms. Diva Labelle song from the core of her stomach. Bravo BET!!!!

wilkinson raven Favorite Black Girl Rock Moment

Hat tip to Misty Copeland for acknowledging the legendary ballerina Raven Wilkinson. Copeland pointed out, Wilkerson helped pave the way for Copeland and other ballerinas to succeed in the classical ballet world.

Copeland’s acceptance speech, “Black girls do rock and black girls can be ballerinas.”


Black Girls really do rock.

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