Fantasia Gets Real Teary Eyed With Wendy Williams

hqdefault Fantasia Gets Real Teary Eyed With Wendy Williams

I just had a chance to watch the Wendy Williams show guest appearance Fantasia Barinno. The interview gets real deep and serious real quick.  I love how Wendy Williams gasp Fantasia name, sort of like a sista talking to a sista moment for a brief second. When Fantasia breaks down and start crying….my heart was like this is deep to watch unfold. The tears look like real crocodile, runny nose and I can’t hold back the cry tears streaming down her face. All I can think is this young girl is really going through somethings…lord knows I hope Fantasia is handling and holding herself together behind the cameras. When asked about her daughter, Fantasia responded that during the overdose she “wasn’t really thinking about anybody.” That was an very honest statement coming from the starlet…the type that comes from deep in your spirit. It took a lot of courage for Barino to come forward and discuss what compel her to want to commit suicide….despite the backward responses and naysayer responses.

Fantasia broke it down.:

“Nobody knows how heavy it gets. You see the glitz and the glamour and you think, ‘They got it, they got it all,’ but a lot of times when you come into this industry you have people that say that they are there for you, but a lot of times they are just there to get what they can get or because money is involved,” she said, starting to cry.

“I am 26 years old, and so many times, I’ve looked around and noticed that everybody that started with me is now gone and nobody was there to help me clean it up. So I had to do it all by myself.”

I get all of what Barinno is putting down….lets hope she stay’s away from that married man. Ole girl don’t need no one else going after her hard earned money….we all make mistakes and folks will lie to you the entire time they are ripping your heart out and emptying out your bank account. On a side note Wendy Williams looks fabulous!

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