Do we really care? Palin needs to get over it.

She really needs to get over it and move on….Period! She sounds like she is a sore loser but she does bash anonymous bloggers for their hard nose information and why should we believe the information the bloggers report. She stated that the bloggers are not reporting the facts. The voters did not elect her for the seat. If Palin have won her response would be entirely different. Only one person can be the President of the United States at a time. She played herself and that is why she lost! She used her gender, she bashed Obama and his family and she even attempted to do some self promotion outside of the agenda of the Republicans while running for the VP position with McCain. It almost sounds like she can’t believe a black man won over her. It is about damn time that the image of America do a makeover and that included the White House too. Our society need to represent itself on a global level and do away with all white groups of people as if they are they only ones who exist in America and the world. Our country should reflect a diverse group of individuals of all creeds and nationalities. The United States of America is a diverse group of individuals who have a lot to offer to the world. Enough with the segregated images and the split up and divides groups of individual of different races and the make believe diversity just to fulfill a company quota. It is time for the United States of America to represent globally and internationally that we are a diverse country ready to do business with everyone on an International and global level. Palin needs to “Get over it”, move on and maybe next time she have her chance….! It’s a wrap! icon eek Do we really care? Palin needs to get over it.

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