Britney’s Back

Performing on Good Morning America today is America’s favorite blond hair and blue eye celebrity, “Britney Spears”. She singing and dancing with a Circus background. Britney sings and dances to Womanizer. It is a hot track with a nice dance beat. Britney is not quite back like she was when she first hit the scene but that is OK. At least she is doing what brings home her bread and butter. Perform. That is alot more than a lot of celebrities who been through something similiar to Britney. Whitney Houston comes to mind. It has been a long and nasty two-three years for the Britney Spears. She survived a nasty divorce, a slight breakdown of her personality played out in front of the media, her children were taken away from her by her broke down and money hungry ex-husband, “Kevin Federline” and her parents had to take over the reign according to the court system due to her erratic behavior. I am glad she is back despite all that she has been through; Britney Spears is still standing and she can at least be thankful for that much. It could have went the other way because she was on a trainwreck that look like was going to crash any day. She is going to be just fine. Britney looks great and she looks healthy. Her body is tight and those abs will put any young women to shame. Just think she had two babies. She looks great! Now I need to go and work out in my gym. I need to get my abs in check.

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