Bret Michaels | I AM Still Here

hqdefault Bret Michaels | I AM Still HereThank God this lad had a break through…there is hope in the world for those who suffer from an aneurysms. Dude is still standing and there is hope…perhaps that is his purpose!

After suffering a brain hemorrhage that almost ended his life, Bret Michaels is returning to the public eye on Oprah…..His first televised appearance will be on Wednesday, May 19th on the Oprah Winfrey show. May 23, 2010 is the day to tune into the televised miracle, and Bret will be there as he has not been fired yet! He then returns to his Custom Built tour on May 28th in Biloxi, MS at Hard Rock Live. According to Michael’s website, he has been “rehabbing” twice a day to prepare for his comeback and he is doing well.

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