It Does Not Matter How Old Your Child Is To Tell Them What To Do

hqdefault It Does Not Matter How Old Your Child Is To Tell Them What To Do

You know Jada Pinkett Smith has my kudos for admitting that she still listens to her mother advice……every child should be that smart but of course not that would be like listening to outdated wisdom…experience. Some children prefer the school of hard knocks..#JUSTSAYING the conversation that I had with a few of my son friends on his Facebook profile rile this hens feathers and had me roaring at the computer screen. Do they really think that he is that stupid to act like he is not listening or willing to follow our instructions to help guide his footsteps? If this article is not true=it stroked this momma’s feathers…allegedly Actress Jada Pinkett Smith fired the original technical crew behind her new TV hospital drama HAWTHORNE after her mother, a top nurse, criticized the show for its inaccuracy.

Mother everywhere should take notice….your child is never to old to give them your two cents. Take it from Jada Pinkett Smith’s mom informed Jada that her Hawthorne show was wildly inaccurate so Jada fired the all the technical consultants. I strongly encourage parents to play a role in their child lives…you can help them make positive decisions that can impact their entire course of their lives.

Jada Pinkett Smith plays Chief Nursing Officer Christina Hawthorne in the U.S. series, but her mum Adrienne Banfield-Jones, the head nurse of an inner-city clinic in Baltimore, Maryland, was quick to point out the show wasn’t realistic.
Pinkett Smith took the took the comments of her mother very seriously she hired a whole new technical team for the show’s second season, which premiered in America in June (10).

Pinkett Smith says, “She (her mum) did quite a bit (of criticising) last year (09), which is why I got a new technical team this year… Last year she was really on top of it and I’m very thankful because there were a lot of things she was making me aware of that I don’t think I would’ve been if she hadn’t been (there).

“Things like how we put the cap back on the needle, or how we inject the needle, or how we resuscitate. (It’s) very specific and we got a lot of nurses last year emailing and saying, ‘We like the show but you’re not really doing this and this.’ At the end of the season I had a six-page email (from her mum). But this year she helped make a much better show, so kudos to her.”


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