#PrayforJapan and the World

sendai airport surrounded by tsunami waters #PrayforJapan and the World

Never in a millions years would I have ever fathom the thought of an earthquake in Japan. I could n’t predict my next step and neither could you. I am speechless, have been left stunned as I watched the news being report about the Japan Earthquake and Tsumani. I talk a lot of mess on the social media boards but most of all it has been a way for me to stay socially connected to people around the world in my fold and those folks who simply want to chat. During my lifetime I watched in horror at the earthquake that ripped through New Orleans, this earthquake is 1000 times worst. Most folks will not stop being who they are until something major happens in their life and then perhaps they will get it. Watching the Japan Earthquake and Tsumani unfold made me realize no matter how much we plan our days, we can never predict the next moment of our lives, nor can we relate to what others are really feeling at the end of the day. All of us simply have an opinion that amounts to nothing. Pray for Japan and the World.


japan #PrayforJapan and the World

I dedicate to this post to Gordon Randall, Kim Sayaka and AF Peeps I #PrayforJapan…my prayers are with you sweet peas as you brave the natural disaster at the airport and on the islands of Japan. Just know my dears my heart is heavy. I am devastated about what is happening right now to your beloved country. My son adores you with all of his heart and he is just as devastated as I am. Drink water and fluids…remember what Jamall told you this morning. Fluids and charge your phone. You may need the battery life to stay socially connected. I am not trying to be too stern but I am acting like a mother right now. Make sure your phone is charge, you have snacks in your bag and get a grip/we will cry together later. I expect to see you next month….stay focus young lady! Plus I am crying for you…I just want you to get to safety right now… Watashi-tachi wa anata o aishite, anata no atama o iji suru. Anata wa kore wotsūjite sore o tsukuruto watashi wa naite iru to mite, inotte imasu. Dake o ugokashi tsuzukeruto shōten o go riyō itadakemasu.

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Everyone can help. Take a second, right now, pull out your phone and text REDCROSS to 90999 to give $10. It’s easy, painless, and everything helps. Think of it as today as a cup of coffee, cocktail or entree at a TGIF restaurant. Japanese people are the kindest and dearest group of people you will encounter…on this earth.

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Note: Please don’t send me any comments or leave any comments that make me curse you out during lent season. I ain’t feeling none of it about now….I am praying for my family and friends in Japan.

The Red Cross has already launched relief efforts in Japan. Visit Redcross.org or text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 from your phone.

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