Torrent Websites Targeted by Anti-Piracy Cyber Hitmen

1352955952 b00c64a3b5 Torrent Websites Targeted by Anti Piracy Cyber HitmenNowadays the conversation about illegal downloading, piracy and torrent websites has been circulating in cyberspace. According to an India-based company working on behalf of Bollywood studios, there are a number of techniques they can use to deal with movie piracy, from the gentle to the particularly aggressive.

Armed with the latest software and gadgetry, this wily gang of cyber hitmen is being contracted by filmmakers and production houses to identify errant websites, issue take down notices to them, and if there is no reply, launch an all-out attack.

The most recent film to deploy its own anti-piracy efforts was Peepli Live. Released on August 13, its pirated copy was available for download on at around 5.30pm. A team of experts from a Bangalore based software firm detected it soon after, and issued a take down notice.

Though the website complied, within 24 hours of the release, around 300 such links sprang up. Round-the-clock cyber patrolling by the twenty-five member team led to eradication of 247 of them, including others which led to streaming video sites like YouTube. It emerged that three main servers had been used to generate these links, and were taken down.

According to cyber experts, most of the websites offering torrent links belong to young entrepreneurs from countries like Pakistan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Canada, Germany and the US, who this an easy way to exponentially increase page hits, and thereby advertising revenue, of their sites.

According to Girish Kumar, managing director of AiPlex Software – a company recently hired to combat piracy on the movie My Name is Khan (which trended at #1 on KickAssTorrents earlier this year) – they begin with a simple notice and takedown.

“When we detect a website offering a link or a download, we contact the server hosts and intimate them about the illegal activity. They issue a notice to the site owner,” Kumar explains. “If the site owner does not comply, the site is either suspended or dismissed,” he adds optimistically.

When a copy of the movie Peepli Live appeared on the private Desi tracker ICTorrent on August 13th 2010, AiPlex promptly ordered it to take down the torrent.

Although it’s reported that the site complied, TorrentFreak checked and the file is still there along with several others added in the past few weeks.

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    Antipiraci organisation can close few trackers. But we have a thousands of trackers and many other way to share files.
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