“Simply Raw” Reversing Diabetes In 30 Days

After watching this 30 minute documentary about diabetes. I was stunned to learned that some of my own eating and lifestyle habits may put me at risk for becoming a diabetic. You know African Americans are at an higher risk than most nationalities. It is our weight but some of us are clueless or either ignoring our diets until you receive a death sentence from your doctor. I have been privy and expose to this horrible disease within my own family tree. My dad and an Aunt had an limb amputated because they did not heed the warnings. The shit is scary for real though, get your blood tested quarterly and make a decision to live an healthier lifestyle. I can tell you this that it is a lot easier typing this and telling everyone instead of following your (my) advice. We all have someone in our family that need someone to sit down and get real with them about their weight, diet, smoking and lifestyle. Your not immune because of your race either, I said that the risk is higher in the African American community but that does not exclude other nationalities from any type of disease. This is a must watch for all human beings. A real eye opener! What you put in your mouth could kill you. I think I am going to start working out and get on this raw diet in the next two weeks. I still have tons of beef, chicken and alcohol in my pantry that I need to suck up. Plus, mentally I have to be ready to go raw. I did attempt to exercise the other night and boy let me tell you; it was not easy like it was for me 5 years ago. I was huffing and puffing my way through the workout. I am visualizing 6 pack abs. Get healthy people!

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