Oh Snap | Free Movie Link Snagged By The Feds

 Oh Snap | Free Movie Link Snagged By The Feds

Fed-Busted Movie Site Informed Of Investigation Months Ago. Let this be a warning to anyone out in cyberspace up to no good what will happen if your doing something that would be considered illegal that would piss folks off. The three departments in this logo are the truth and trolling the cyberstreets looking for folks who think they are more intelligent than the FBI…basically they will have there asses for lunch and make them an example…YUP! If I had to keep it 100%; I would say the FBI is not kidding if they post that sort of sign on a website when you click the free movie link…which would probably mean there is something seriously wrong with the IP address. Sort of give me the hibby jeebies if there is such a word…the image is enough to make me think “OH SHIT”, WTF and what type of website is this for real? I read something a couple of days ago about the  Obama Administration Announces Massive Piracy Crackdown……that was quick and swift. Remember the post I wrote a day or two ago about “Watch Free Movies Online.” Uh huh! No need for explanation, the sign says it all….the big boys are not playing at all with folks downloading and uploading copyright material on the Internet. I am just a messenger and an individual who stays abreast of what is going down in cyberspace…what about you? Although these folks are relentless and are serious about posting new released movies on the Internet. You better keep your cyberspace clean because social media is connecting businesses and individuals faster then you can blink…it is the new way to stay in touch!

Often times I wonder about the distribution of free material and what if I produced something and attempted to marketed it? Would anyone purchase it if they could get it for free? Like a book, a movie or photographs that I put my effort into with the expectation to educate, entertain and receive some compensation at the end of the day. I would probably be a bit upset if not pissed off. I remember sometime ago I discovered someone using one of my images from Flickr on their blog without my permission…I was a bit taken aback and ask them about it. I received a bullshit response…at the end of the day that is not the direction nor the ideal I had in mind when I posted the image. I do get the argument about copyright infringement and the legal ramification by obtaining the material. The Internet has changed the game but the government will probably step in and change the game as well much to folks dismay when they throw cuffs and fines on that ass! I have to say this out-loud…you would have to be a major asswipe to setup shop after the “FEDS” come knocking at your door. Talk about be a glutton for punishment…the FBI is not the folks to stick your middle finger up to in their faces and with a smirk at that! How do I know that is what they are doing? I don’t but I can only imagine and that is what comes to mind. They need to ask T.I. what it felt like when the feds shut his shit down in the parking lot, gave him a year and a day. Imagine the jail time they are going to receive when it is all said and done! The mere thought of it makes me think 5-20 years in the clinker at least…

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