Blog Spotlight | The Biggest BitTorrent System

 Blog Spotlight | The Biggest BitTorrent SystemI am often amazed at the information one can find on the Internet while surfing the cyberstreet. Gone are the good old days when it was a pressing need to have the latest DVD for a ridiculous amount of money, purchasing software applications that you may not master no matter how long you use it unless your a guru and work for the company. Social media and P2P closed the gap by allowing us to peer onto others cyberspace we may not have found if it had not been tweeted and updated on a status report on Facebook. This morning when I logged onto my computer and checked my comments I notice a new tweet that made me visit the cyberspace of the twiend. When I read the tweets of the twiend I discovered “The World’s Biggest BitTorrent System” located several tweets down their twitter post. According to Alexa Sparky the website real estate ranks high on the Internet at 810…the website is heavily visited from folks from all around the world.

Note that it is extremely important to be cognizant of the items that you download and upload to your computers from strange websites that you’re not familiar with…you can be downloading a virus that can wreck a laptop/computer faster than you can blink. I strongly recommend that you do your homework and understand that torrents are not for everyone and in most cases it allows some folks to experiment with applications that they ordinarily would not have access to. Keep all security software up to date…it will block trojans and computer worms from infecting your computers. There are folks that have an issue with the availability of free software, movies and games being uploaded by individuals who don’t give a hoot about what you think about piracy…however manufacturers of the products are pissed and are currently screaming copyright infringement at the top of their lungs in courtrooms attempting to shut down torrent websites. Perhaps because it screws up their bottom line and annual report earnings?

In the meantime it would behoove folks who are torrent junkies to stay abreast of the 411. I use to work for software companies when they use to give away NFR to consumers to try and employees that I was responsible for training on the new software releases. My how things have change…I remember my eyes use to dilate when CorelDraw 8 was delivered to my in the box loads to pass out to anyone in my assigned territory. Remember IBM Lotus Notes….going way back when that was the “IT” product and WordPerfect 8…fast forward when the companies changed their marketing strategies and rid themselves of outsourced representatives overnight. That dried up the opportunity to try new software without the expense. Than I discovered torrents and bitTorrents accidentally while surfing the cyberspaces and it was a wrap from that moment on…of course I wanted to know what the heck was a torrent?

torrent 1 Blog Spotlight | The Biggest BitTorrent SystemI can still remember my first free hard copy of Microsoft Office 95 and XP which at that time was priced at a ridiculous price I received at a mandatory National Sales training conference…those were the good old days that most software and computer representatives probably can remember. It was when the computers were hot and everyone wanted one despite the price tag. Torrents have really changed the game…folks are no longer willing to spend their hard earn cash on new released software, music, movies and games only to discovered that is refreshed after 90-180 days. I have hocked, persuaded, sold, conducted lunch and learns, presentations that made want to gag because the manager beneath me knew less than me and trained folks on many technical products and peripherals, digital imaging, printers, services and solutions that can last me a lifetime. I am willing to blog about my experiences mixed with a bit of humor, sarcasm, images, opinionated commentary and share it with my readership.

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