WATCH | Why Naomi Campbell Can Do No Wrong

hqdefault WATCH | Why Naomi Campbell Can Do No Wrong

Money, money and than more money. Naomi raises money for charity and the money raised  from the $200 a pop teeshirts will go to help victims in Pakistan. However, Danielle Staub from the New Jersey housewives beg to differ. She believes that Naomi is wrong about the comments she stated about Teresa Giudice and should stay in her lane. Fashion for Relief, which sends funds to world disaster sites.

On last week’s episode of Bravo’s Watch What Happens: Live, Naomi called into the show and took the side of Team Teresa whose bawdy behavior during the August 30 reunion episode.

“Well, I understood,” Naomi said with a chuckle when Andy asked her about Teresa pushing him at the reunion. “She didn’t see you at that moment. You mess with her family and that’s what you get!”

Naomi said this to Teresa:

“How do you do it? You have four kids, you take care of your family, you cook and clean. I mean, you have no help at all. How do you do it?! You’re a role model. It’s like, you dress all your kids. They’re always….it’s amazing.

“I don’t know how I do it, I just do,” Teresa said, modest as always. “Everyone asks me, I swear to God, but I have a lot of energy. And great genes, I guess.”

(Andy to Naomi: “You think she’s a role model?”) Yeah, she’s a role model, a mother…. She’s a business woman, she’s cooking, she’s cleaning, she’s a wife…. You know, yeah. The real deal.”

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