Text Messaging Applications for iPhone

 Text Messaging Applications for iPhone

Textfree for iPhone

I learned about this application over the Thanksgiving holiday when one of my son’s bff came over to hang out at the crib and enjoy some of my southern menu. I was very impressed with the capabilities of the application, he was able to send me a text from his touch unit. You literally can free text message to any cellphone in the US. There is a lite version for free and a premium version for a one time flat fee.

 Text Messaging Applications for iPhone


I am sure there are other applications on the market but these are the two that grabbed my attention at the moment. Feel free to leave a comment with other suggestions in the comment box below.

Please note: I am an AT&T loyal customer and the company provide unlimited texting/web surfing with their iPhone package plus I loved when AT&T came out with unlimited talking with people in your network. I wonder if more applications continue to come out with powerful applications that allow folks to use for free that are typically priced with a monthly fee will it balance the playing field with mobile communication? Will it change the pricing with mobile packages by all mobile providers? Just a random thought……

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