Microsoft Ad Campaigns for HP Laptops vs. Apple Macs

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The new HP DV6t or DV4t core 2 duo 2ghz, 3gb ram, 320gb 5400rpm, blu-ray rom/dvd burner, wireless, bluetooth, webcam, fingerprint, vista home prem, 16″ 1366×768, HDMI $651.98, dv4t $649.99 At that price it is hard to resist purchasing a PC. The new HP laptops are giving Apple a run for their money. The pricey Apple Notebooks are overpriced and although it looks good, not everyone is on the MAC bandwagon.

This is Lauren, Microsoft first commercial. On a strict $1000 budget, she finds her perfect laptop – a speedy HP Pavilion with a big screen and a comfy keyboard.

This is Giampaolo, Microsoft second commercial. On a budget of just $1500, he finds his perfect laptop an HP HDX with 4GB of memory and a 2.4GHz processor. Find your perfect PC at Giampaulo, who professes to be “technically-savvy” and calls the unibody MacBook he looks at “so sexy,” but ultimately rejects it because he wants to pay for “computing power,” not the “brand.” Armed with a $1,500 budget, he walks out of Fry’s with an HP HDX 16 that features a 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo, NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT graphics, 4GB of RAM, and a 500GB drive — raw numbers that would cost you $2,499 from Apple.

This why it pays to volunteer.:

The Associated Press reports:

Microsoft’s agency, Crispin Porter + Bogusky, recruited unwitting subjects by posing as a market research firm studying laptop purchasing decisions.

It picked 10 people who answered a call for volunteers on Craigslist and other Web sites and sent them out with a camera crew and budgets ranging from $700 to $2,000. If they found a computer that fit their criteria, they could keep it.

The ads will run through summer 2009.

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