iPod Wireless Speakers for iPod Lovers

 iPod Wireless Speakers for iPod Lovers

This is awesome especially if your attempting to get rid of all of those wires.

The Eos wireless system is available in black or white and it ships with a base station transmitter and one satellite speaker. It has two built in tweeters and a ported down firing subwoofer for 2.1 stereo surround sound and it can support up to satellite speakers. Easy to use. Plug in the unit, dock your iPod and can be used with other devices, press play, and get your party on. The speakers have their own built in power supply and can be plugged into an outlet while hanging from the wall. The plug can disconnected from the back of the speaker for shelf or countertop placement. The base station automatically locates the speaker instantly. Each speaker has its own volume control, the additional speakers can be set up in different rooms, plus the base station in a fifth room, and it will fill your entire crib with music.

Core system:  $249.99 additional speakers $129.99

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