Black Faces in Social Media Are Invisible

social media Black Faces in Social Media Are Invisible

Tech Crunch Founder Michael Arrington appeared on a segment of a CNN special on black entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, and, under questioning by Soledad O’Brien, said “I don’t know a single black entrepreneur.”

Then I noticed a tweet last weekBlinded by the White: Social Media and Diversity.” had me pondering and surfing websites for social media companies that practice diversity. I could hardly find any black faces or minorities in the images that appear on any of the company profile websites? I searched some of the social media clubs in my local area. How is it possible that black faces in social media are invisible? 

Are blacks out of touch with social media? Are black folks voices being excluded in social media? Do black folks understand the importance of staying abreast by utilizing social media networking tools and engaging in cyberspace? Are blacks ass out and don’t care if they are being represented in the social media dynamics? Hmmm….


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