Video Downloading Tools

[singlepic id=524 w=320 h=240 float=center] A week ago I discovered a WordPress plug-in call Pro Player. I had read a comment to an issue that I was having with the plugin working with YouTube. One of the readers on the page explained how to resolve the issue by converting video to FLV format. AVS4YOU had a [...] [Read More]

Guilty Verdict In Angie Zapata Murder Case

Serves his ass right…he deserves to get the death penalty. Allen Andrade has been convicted of first degree murder in the beating death of trans teen Angie Zapata. He got more than he gave 18 year old, Angie Zapata. Today the jury found him guilty without parole. That’s huge for the transgender community. The law [...] [Read More]

Heart Collage by Shapecollage

Heart Collage by Shapecollage, originally uploaded by THEPHOTOGRAPHER4YOU. Download Heart Collage for free to create collage digital images. How cool is this handy tool….I love it! It works for any webpage that has pictures in it, like Flickr, Picasa Web Albums, Google Image Search, YouTube, CNN,, The Huffington Post,, or xkcd. Rectangle Shape Repost This [...] [Read More]

YouTube Facebook Murder

This Youtube video is Asia McGowan addressing haters who visit her youtube page. She was a baby barely a women who life was taken by another youtuber. Sad! I was reading one of my favorite bloggers this afternoon called DreamandHustle today who brought to my attention about a young lady named Asia McGowan who was murdered [...] [Read More]

National Smoke Weed Day

Obama $77 billion a year from Marijuana Won’t Help Economy! Marijuana Advocacy Group Launches TV Campaign on ‘4/20’ The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws Foundation (NORML Foundation) a Washington, D.C.-based advocacy organization, established in 1997, is purchasing advertising time on selective cable outlets to underscore the urgency of decriminalizing cannabis. The NORML Foundation launched this [...] [Read More]

Susan Boyle Takes The World By Storm Singing “Les Miserable” and “Cry Me A River.”

By now everyone knows about Susan Boyle and her angelic voice. Now everyone and their makeup crew wants to make over the never been kiss 47 year old new Blackburn, Scotland Youtube celebrity. As she was singing “I Dreamed a Dream,” I was looking for a mistake or I thought maybe they were trying to [...] [Read More]

Two Of The Most Watched Youtube Videos Of The Day

The Act caught on the news. Of course there are those who downloaded the actual footage and posted it on their blog. Disgusting and not a good look for Dominoes. Click through to their site to see Michael rub a kitchen sponge in his butt crack before scrubbing a pot with it Two (now former) Domino’s [...] [Read More]

Give Me The Tea Bag

The Internet street is on fire about tea bagging it today at tax time. Retailers and other types of businesses are offering freebies in honor of tax day. Left of the Right: Tea Baggers Event is Anti-civiliation & Fox New is taking Right Wing bias to new level – Gather Obama to ‘tea bag’ protestors: I have [...] [Read More]

Jamie Foxx Apologizes To Miley Cyrus Video

Jamie Foxx can’t help but be an comedian. He is really a funny dude, especially when he is emulating folks. Well, he understands how it could hurt Miley Cyrus feelings when he made a few true but hurtful statements about her on his Satellite “Foxxhole” show. When Foxx stopped by “The Tonight Show With Jay [...] [Read More]

Jamie Foxx Being Blacklisted By Blogger

According to Sandra Rose blog another blog is angry for talking about teen superstar Miley Cyrus. This blogger is stating she would have never had Jamie Foxx on her show. OMG! Do you really think he give a horse manure about what anyone thinks about him. He always say that he the black Howard Stern. [...] [Read More]

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