If your looking for simplicity to add images to your WordPress blog. Install Fancyzoom, click and add then activate. FancyZoom works by zooming out your pictures instantly without navigating from your WordPress website. Just insert a thumbnail and when the picture inserted onto your WordPress blog, click it and it will zoom in, add captions [...] [Read More]

Linking and Spambot

Today has been hell of a day due to my WordPress website acting all kinds of funky and WYSIWYG. My page layout was screwed up and a representative at hostgator was just as confused about my WordPress website as I was. It started yesterday evening when I notice that someone was linking to my [...] [Read More]

Upgrade Plugin

When I initially started to put together my website with WordPress I thought it would be an extremely difficult process. I contacted my host at to find an solution and was told that I needed to FTP everything through my file manager and go to to learn how to use it. Hostgator is an [...] [Read More]

Google Adsense for my blog

I am beginning to blog on my WordPress website. I selected my theme and the layout is satisfactory for now until I have time to make my own website using Adobe Fireworks. The next step is to monetize my blog with Google Adsense. It was relatively easy to setup an account with Google Adsense. I submitted my application with all of [...] [Read More]

WordPress Plugins

There are mega millions of wordpress plugins available on the internet. I’ve test drived many today for this website and narrowed it down to a few that seems to work very well with my website.I I hope that some of you find these choices very helpful. I must admit I am one of those individuals who thought [...] [Read More]

Getting my WordPress website ready to use for blogging.

It is soo easy to say “I going to start my own website”. It is time consuming and could be considered an unpaid job or volunteer work. I have new respect for those who have fully functional websites. It has not been an easy to get my website to where I want it. I have [...] [Read More]

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