“Who can believe that there is no soul behind those luminous eyes!” ~ Theophile Gautier

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First Lady Michelle Digs Down To Earth

[nggallery id=21] It is not often that you will see a First Lady on her knees and digging down to earth with a bunch of kids. Just in time for Earth Day on April 22nd, 2009; First Lady Michelle planted seeds with a group of school aged children in the 1,100 square-foot kitchen garden on the [...] [Read More]

Housing Bailout Plan For Regular Folks

Up to 9 million families/folks will be eligible to benefit from President Obama’s mortgage bailout plan for regular folks. People will be able to restructure or refinance their mortgage to avoid foreclosure. Our president is doing everything he can to keep the United States afloat. It is very weird that he would inherit this trillion [...] [Read More]

Black To The Future

I just watched the second installment of “Black To The Future” on VH1 and it is really good fun television. It takes you down memory lane which is narrated by a diverse crew of actors, actresses, comedians and musicians.” Black To The Future” takes you down the good times memory lane….I find myself bopping my [...] [Read More]

National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day PSA

Get tested for HIV on February 7, 2009 founded February 7, 2001. Get educated, get tested and get involved. It is not a gay disease, there are still some heterosexual on this earth who believe that BS, oh yeah it can’t happen to them. There are more African American females being test HIV positive due [...] [Read More]

Thanksgiving is going to be a hell of a day!

This Thanksgiving Day morning I was surfing my favorite blogs to read the nice happy messages that people tend to write because that’s what they think readers want to read. Well that is not the case with dreamandhustle “For True Hustlers, This is the Best Thanksgiving Ever – Don’t Get Depressed! ” I thought that [...] [Read More]

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