Things People Pretend That Does Not Exist

I do not give a shit who you are either. Black, white, purple, green, yellow and blue and whatever your ethnicity? People come in all spectrum of the rainbow, shapes and sizes. #EnoughAlready. We all bleed red and all our hearts pump red blood. Lest your ass is a alien from outer space or from another [...] [Read More]

Not Enough Black Folks Chiming into the Conversation

Why not….y’all scared you will be considered a sellout, ass-out or perhaps maybe you are stuck on dumb n asinine.   Repost This Article [Read More]

Butler.: Whassup My “NIGGAH”!

Nah mane….what we not gonna do is pretend racism is not alive n never left the building. Lee Daniels spew “White People Love Black Folks when they call black folks a “nigga” according to HSK. Dude ain’t lying. Just telling it like it tis….dem white peeps that love my black, charcoal n black cocoa brown skin. [...] [Read More]

Black History Month | February 1937 Gee’s Bend, Alabama

  As I listen to the GOP bash President Obama accomplishments while serving public office. It is alleged that folks just started living in poverty? Which is so far from the truth. Folks have been living in impoverished situations since slavery. Descendants of former slaves of the Pettway Plantation. They are still living under primitive conditions there. Meat in [...] [Read More]

WTF Moments | Have You Been To Cairo, IL?

  I have never been to Cairo, IL. I am certain the Cairo, IL folks that reside in the small town are not laughing at the House Speaker Steve Tilley comments which he stated were a “joke”. “Cairo,” Tilley replied without hesitation as reporters laughed. “I’ve been there. Trust me. Cairo.” “Have you been to [...] [Read More]

OK Cupid Claims To Know What Hot, Sexy and Boring Folks Like

Image via Wikipedia Anyone that compiles information about the likes and dislikes of different nationalities deserves a blog post to share their efforts in cyberspace. What is it that makes a culture unique? How are whites, blacks, Asians, or whoever different from everybody else? What tastes, interests, and concepts define an ethnic group? And is [...] [Read More]

WATCH | Did Glenn Beck’s Rally Restore Honor America?

Glen Beck Amends Stupid Comments About President…he says he has a big fat mouth? He also expressed regret for having asserted last year that Mr. Obama was a racist with a deep-seated hatred for white people, a comment that many critics felt undercut Mr. Beck’s assertion of racial tolerance. Beck wants to [...] [Read More]

Cover of the Day | Ola Szwed featured on Poland Playboy

Leave it to Poland Playboy to come out with a black women on the August 2010 cover during the one of the most heated racial debates I have ever witnessed in cyberspace toward media publications. With Vogue refusing to place African women in their own exclusive magazine and Essence hiring a white women as the [...] [Read More]

Dr. Lamont Open Letter To Slim Thug

Dr. Marc Lamont Hill, the Columbia professor who recently sat down to chat with Bill O’Reilly after O’Reilly insulted him just checked Slim Thug for his demeaning comments about black women during a recent interview with Vibe. I love when another man feels compelled to talk to a man….don’t you? Personally I thought Slim Thug [...] [Read More]

How Is Haiti Since The Earthquake?

  I wonder how Haiti is doing since the devastating earthquake brought the country almost to its demise? There hasn’t been much in the news coverage pushing digital images since the earthquake hit the country. According to the Internet street Haiti has been receiving donations in the bucket fills to the tune of millions….I think I [...] [Read More]

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