Using flickr to post pictures into your blog

It is very easy to setup the blogging utility in Flickr to post an image in a blog entry. The size setting can be changed from within the post on your WordPress 2.6.5 blog. Flickr is an online storage for pictures and videos that you can share with the world. I like to think of [...] [Read More]

Emurse yourself

Need to polish your resume and have it available anytime and anywhere. Than Emurse yourself. This online electronic resume allows you to post your resume with its own domain name. You can edit it on the fly too! A word of advice to posters. Do not post your address, zip code and telephone number on [...] [Read More]

Yieldbuild to Manage your Ads

Most bloggers have all kinds of ads popping up on their website from YahooPublisher , Google Adsense, Tribal Fusion , and Blue Lithium, just to name a few.. To the rescue is a company called Yieldbuild to manage your ads [singlepic=93,420,340,,] How Does YieldBuild Work? YieldBuild maximizes ad revenue across a number of ad networks – including Google [...] [Read More]

Scam Artist post ads on Craigslist

Craigslist has a lot of scammers listing help wanted ads for fake jobs and illegal activity. This job posting for Procurement clerks is obviously a fake. Example of a fake ad scam Repost This Article [Read More]

Global Domain Websites is a scam

Last night I was on a conference call with a company called GDI which stands for Global Domain Websites. It is a scam to get people to sign up for an account. It sounds like a scam too! There is an help wanted ad on Craigslist for Customer Service Representatives. I scan Craigslist everyday looking [...] [Read More]

Job & Grant Websites

There are tons of work from home jobs and grant information for sell on the Internet. You should not be paying to get a job or a grant, especially in this risky economy. There are a lot of people out there losing their jobs, losing their careers and losing their livelihood. Some people are not [...] [Read More]

Whois looking at your Website Information?

Whois looking at your website information? Everyone who visits Whois. I suggest to those who use Mozilla Firefox to download the SEO tool to be able to view data of websites. I was amazed at how much information is listed for the public to view on the Internet. I particularly love the SEO XRay function [...] [Read More]

Search Engine Optimization is Fake

Is Search Engine Optimization fake or real! The reason why I ask this question; there are literally millions of people on the Internet claiming to be an expert on Search Engine Optimization. You hear Search Engine Optimization geeks telling you they made thousand of dollars per month from their blog. I am beginning to wonder [...] [Read More]

Email Bag

Rent backgrounds from Wescott Website Magazine November issue is available online to subscribers. Layers Magazine tip of day. Photoshop Users Award Win a trip to Spain Photshop World A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a one-on-one portfolio review with some of the most highly acclaimed photographers in the industry! Imagine sitting down with Moose Peterson, Jim DiVitale, Helene Glassman, Jack Reznicki, [...] [Read More]

Warning: Fake WordPress Malicious Site

I love Lorelle’s blog! She gives the scoop on “Warning: Fake WordPress Malicious Site” Anybody with a WordPress 2.6.3 website and managing a blog should have download the automatic upgrade and WP-Spam WordPress plug-ins from a link I posted a couple of week ago. It is really a group of people out there who want to [...] [Read More]

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