How To Trademark Your Website

  A new online trademark launched called TrademarkCounsel. The new website is designed to offer an easy and affordable way for individuals and businesses to register and protect their trademarks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). When I started this blog I thought it was in my best interest to trademark my blog name thephotographer4you®. [...] [Read More]

Photographer Spotlight | Photographers On their Grind In Egypt

There are photographers and media folks from all over the world on their grind in Eqypt, bloggers reporting from the sidelines and photojournalist snapping digital images who put their lives on the line. These courageous folks deliver breaking news, images and current events to our television screens everyday. Let’s us all pray for the photographers, [...] [Read More]

Cover of the Day | President Obama v. Sarah Palin

According to today’s New York Times: Its circulation, 11,381, has been in decline since the end of 2007, when it was 12,360. With an eye toward broader appeal and a bigger voice in the Washington news cycle, National Journal is retooling. Starting Monday, the magazine will have a newsstand-friendly design, shedding its academic journal look [...] [Read More]

BEWARE | New Firefox Add-on Hijacks Facebook & Twitter Sessions

This sucks! I saw this on another blog and re-post the article it in its entirety. Their are millions of folks who are totally connected at the hip in cyberspace. Someone like Lady Gaga who just declared from her twitter that she has 1 billion registered users would be an identity cyber-criminal dream if they [...] [Read More]

Google Analytics Don’t Match Your Google Webmaster Tools

A dude from Washington, D.C. asked Google about why the Google Analytics don’t match the Google Webmaster tools? A cat by the name of Matt Cutts offered reasons in a recent video posted on YouTube….do folks pay attention to websites analytics anymore? Why don’t the analytics in Google Webmaster Tools, where it says click [...] [Read More]

Buy An iPad for Under $50…No Kidding!!!

I was shocked to find out about this website this morning and thought no way…. Sure enough folks are bidding for iPads at an extremely low and unheard price of $37. About now that is the only way thephotographer4you will be purchasing an Apple iPad….this website is auctioning the most sought after technology that cause [...] [Read More]

iPhone | WHUR 96.3 Application

A few moments ago while checking my email and listening to the Steve Harvey Morning show blasting in the background on the radio. Harvey just mention during his segment of iPhone application shout-outs from ATT customers. I have been searching the iTunes directory for quite sometime for WHUR 96.3 iPhone application…there are a lot of [...] [Read More]

Oprah Seeks Guest From 25 Years Ago

Oprah Winfrey’s 25th and final- season to air starting on September 13th. Oprah is trying to locate people who were members of Oprah’s first national audience back on September 8, 1986 (the show was titled “How To Marry the man/Woman Of Your Choice”) . Were you part of the audience on the show’s [...] [Read More]

Twitter | Get Your Twitter Account Verified

Image via Wikipedia There are many impostors on the online communities nowadays posting on social media networks and tweeting tweets of information under your actual name. Twitter @verified has been working to provide an solution to folks who want their real presence to be known to their readership. Log into the account you want to verify and [...] [Read More]

Book | Beyond the Lens by the Association of Photographers

Beyond the Lens Published by Published in England by the Association of Photographers (AOP) ‘The bible for photographers and commissioners’ and is used by colleges/universities as part of their courses and widely used by photographers and commissioners. DEDICATION: The Beyond the Lens website is dedicated to the [...] [Read More]

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