Video | Mother of the Decade Award

Of course she can! You don’t get to be “Mom” if you can’t fix everything right! Need a boast for your self esteem….or simply to pat yourself on the back? This video will do it! Send to those rising super “Mother’s” on your list. Getting an compliment from the first lady and the secretary of [...] [Read More]

Calling All Housewives | Why Don’t You Love Me, Baby Daddy’s and Finding Your Way Back

Between Sade singing about somebody’s “Baby Daddy” and Beyonce asking Jay Z “or her haters, “Why Don’t You Love Me”, you got to give it to ole’ girls for keeping us housewives entertained and thinking at the same time. Jaheim said you can “Find Your Way Back!” That’s what Elin is saying to her family [...] [Read More]

Video | Beyonce Channel Kelly Rowland As B.B. Homemaker

Of course one would think that Beyonce pulls her themes for her video out her behind but she channeled her girl band x-friend Kelly Rowland. SHe beat ole’ girl to the punch for a video because her pockets are obviously deeper. Don’t sleep on Beyonce….that is one working girl and she don’t give a damn. [...] [Read More]

Happy Birthday First Lady Michelle Obama

Today is First Lady Michelle Obama birthday. Repost This Article [Read More]

Official Music Videos

50 Cent Crime Wave Official Movie Music Video Repost This Article [Read More]

True Blood Depeche Mode Corrupt Music Video HBO

Repost This Article [Read More]

A Taste Of Las Vegas Watershow

A clip of the waterfall at the Bellagio is done everyday during the day and at night in half hour intervals. It is absolutely beautiful and literally hundreds of people stop to watch this magnificent water show. A sight to behold when you visit Las Vegas. Repost This Article [Read More]

Coco Perez Fashion Blog

[singlepic id=655 w=320 h=240 float=center] On August 12, 2009 Perez Hilton, notorious celebrity blogger, launched a sister site named CocoPerez which will be a fashion focused site. Perez plans to change up his tone on his fashion site, and even claims there will be no trashy white writing and symbols across each photo. I doubt very [...] [Read More]

Keith Olbermann Gives Palin, Beck and Birth A Verbal Beatdown.

This video speaks for itself. In a verbal beat-down and tongue lashing….Keith Obermann 15-minute “Special Comment” Monday night. The MSNBC was not feeling any of the nonsense that has been spewing off the tongues of these three individuals. Dude goes at all these individuals and did not Finally as promised a Special Comment on this terrible [...] [Read More]

Video: Does Lady Gaga Have A Penis

There is a Youtube video during one of Lady Gaga’s performances were she talks about having a penis and a vagina. But does that mean her or him depending how Lady Gaga feels that day music will be affected because of her genital parts? I am not sure why we are concern and up in [...] [Read More]

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