Mr. President Obama Fire the Right Wing Extremist

Fire the tea party extremist that is holding our government hostage. Mr. President Barack Obama hand them a warning n if they do not comply. Fire them along with Boehner by issuing pink slips. Clearly there must be something that can be done? This is not a laughing matter. It seems that the rules of the [...] [Read More]

HELP…..the United States Government n our President of the United States need assistance. We are being taken over by US terrorist . The President of the United States is in trouble. Please help…thank you.

Y’all need to speak the f up NOW! Furlough workers….ummm why so quiet? Ummmm…if I were you I would be spewing bout now. Dem peeps on the hill are working overtime. Dem peeps need your help n goddamn voices…I thought 800K peeps were #fourloughed! One can’t tell on the hill….I’ve been hearing it is a ghost [...] [Read More]

Government Shutdown Laissez Faire?

As I listen to the bantering and bickering on the hill via C-SPAN live. I can not help but ponder about the state of the United States government? Listen to the conversations taking place on the house floor. This government shutdown must end now. Lord have mercy. God have mercy on us all! Contact John Boehner. This [...] [Read More]

Watch Live Government Shutdown Day 3

Tune into the conversation people. This is day 3 of the government shutdown on the hill in the DMV. Opinions are like assholes n trolls get da goddamn middle finger. Listen to the elective officials some of you’ve voted for on the house floor live during mid term elections. Call in NOW to C-SPAN to tell dem [...] [Read More]

Breath New Life Into Your Space. America is In Trouble.

  This is what #Poverty looked like to my black ass during my upbringing. Get a goddamn grip n get a fucking clue ASAP. PULL YOUR ASSES TOGETHER NOW! I MEAN DIS RANT….WHAT THE F IT DO? My family n community was poor on the American domestic front. Poor…poverty stricken. Not ashame to tell the world about it nor [...] [Read More]

Saute Chard with a Sliver of Garlic. YUM!

There is something to be said about eating saute greens with garlic, onions, herbs and spewing about politics across the dinner table. Dis is day 2 of the government shutdown. Dem pubs n peeps are operating on anger, a few expletives n looking at dem kids that hold the keys to the government shutdown. Repost [...] [Read More]

Cry Sometimes……Have Faith!

What do you lean on in troubling times? Repost This Article [Read More]

Gone Are The Days of WTF!

Read the constitution, learn the law, n study other folks religion, state laws, understand languages n whatnot before you open your ignorant mouthpiece. We all live in a global society in case your living under a rock. Repost This Article [Read More]

Where You at In da Poverty Cycle?

Can’t not a living soul explain poverty to me on the domestic front. Nah mane…poverty existed in America as long as I was a babe n birth out of my biological mother womb. Matter of fact many generations of poverty that are silence by poverty n lord knows what? Real talk. I grew up in this [...] [Read More]

Kicked Out of Social Media Groups

I’ve been kicked out of social media groups n folks groups I thought was mi ace boo cue…groups that I thought were reputable n the real deal. Whatever….onto the next one. I feel a song coming up. Can I just say out loud. I don’t give a damn. Like really….was it something I said? Are were you [...] [Read More]

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