Empire Avenue After XpendapaloozaIV Buying and Emeeting

This is an update of my Empire Avenue account a couple of days after participating in an event hosted by a group on Empire Avenue http://bit.ly/XpendapaloozaIV The purpose of XpendapaloozaIV was to participate within the schedule 24 hour game period, be bought and invest in others in regardless of their social media stats, prices and dividends. I must admit [...] [Read More]

XeeMe Instead of Fullyfollow.me on the Internet

Fullyfollow – You may have notice on blogs and emails messages a link requesting you to fullyfollow.me to connect with a friend or business associate. Currently the social media tool only supports Facebook Profiles, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn and Twitter. There are no editing and fancy buttons to install. Simple to use . just add the [...] [Read More]

Email Bag | Where Do You Store Your Mobile Photographs?

Hello Dee, What do you do with all of the images you take on your iPhone? Where do you store them? I use to delete all the images once I uploaded the photo onto a photo-sharing website. I now upload the images to my all of my social media handles. Flickr, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. My favorite [...] [Read More]

Happening Around Town | President Obama, FEMA and Government Officials Ready for Hurricane Irene

Folks from around the globe watched on their televisions, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, social media, Google+, new-streams and surfed the Internet for updates while the East Coast waited for Hurricane Irene. There was not going to be another Katrina or Haiti aftermath in the United States if President Obama, FEMA, government officials and municipalities had anything [...] [Read More]

Smitten With Instagram App for Tweeting Photos

  I must admit I am quite smitten with the Instagram app that sends my photos straight to my Facebook newstream, tweets my photographs from my iPhone to the Twitter stream and God only knows where else in cyberspace. The Instagram photo above was snapped while walking my dog last week. It is my favorite Instagram [...] [Read More]

Top 100 HR & Recruiters on Twitter

Kelly Dingee name was mentioned in the Baltimore Sun “The Job Hunt Gets Social” that grabbed my attention. Check out Top 100 HR & Recruiters on Twitter Kelly Dingee is a Strategic Recruiting Manager and leads the research team at Staffing Advisors. She is also a regularly featured writer on the talent management blog “Fistful of Talent”. [...] [Read More]

Oh Shit, Snap, Pop and Crackled Pop | Shit is Popping off At Facebook Headquarters

Facebook is going through somethings at headquarters…Trust! Those geeky guys are working in overtime mode. Pay attention folks! I ain’t saying I believe everything I read but things have been a bit awry on Facebook today…#justsaying Google+ is looking really friendly to me about now. HA! Now If you have something to hide, now would [...] [Read More]

Oh Snap | thephotographer4you® Delores Randall #Klout

Klout, a startup that measures influence on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and most recently Foursquare, is adding more services today, a way to measure your social influence on the web. Klout is adding five new networks—Blogger, Tumblr, Flickr, Instagram and Last.fm, allowing Klout users to add their influence on these networks to their Klout score. [...] [Read More]

What Is Google+ and Why Eventually You Will Join the Circle

I have found the best way to manage your Google+ account is by installing extensions for the Chrome browser.   Repost This Article [Read More]

How Does Google Work Google(graphic) v. Facebook

  I thought this infograph explaining how does Google work was cool enough to share on thephotographer4you®. I am still enjoying the summer and hopefully will be back to blogging by September. In the meantime I have playing around on the Internet with the latest new tools and doing some blog housekeeping. The million dollar question [...] [Read More]

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