Haiti Rescue and Recovery Pictures

The rescue efforts are underway to get much need supplies to the people of Haiti. There are estimates of 1000 US forces on the ground in Haiti today. There are massive rescue attempts being made of the people who may still be stuck in the rubble. Looting has begun and the police is not playing, [...] [Read More]

Wyclef Jean Personal Video about Charity Accusations

Wyclef Jean posted a video statement to respond to accusations against his Yele Haiti Foundation, which has been collecting Haiti relief donations following Tuesday’s massive earthquake. A Washington Post article raised concerns about the Yele Foundation’s “fiscal scrutiny,” first reported by The Smoking Gun. Apparently Yele Haiti Foundation’s tax returns raised questions about how money has been [...] [Read More]

CNN – Haiti News Coverage

The correct channel for CNN news on Justin.tv Up to date news stream throughout the day from Haiti from Live CNN. CNN.com’s iReport, the news organization’s site for the public to upload video and photos of news, has become a database and clearing house to connect survivors of the earthquake. Happening right now: All the Presidents [...] [Read More]

Locating Missing People In Haiti

Missing Persons locator Repost This Article [Read More]

Beware of Haiti Scammer of the Day

Please beware of the scammers out there who will swoop down on folks lowest moments to hustle a quick buck for themselves. Repost This Article [Read More]

Video: Beyond a State of Emergency.

Wyclef estimates 500,000 people dying right now and stated to the President and the Secretary of the State that this is beyond a State of Emergency. Repost This Article [Read More]

Warning: Graphic Digital Images from Haiti

Images have been posted via twitter and around cyberspace in lightning speed. These are some of the most graphic and horrific images of Haiti of people who have been injured and killed by the earthquake. Please donate because your $5 or more can help the people rebuild quickly. Red Cross: Up to 3 million in need [...] [Read More]

WordPress 2.9 Released

Named in honor of jazz vocalist Carmen McRae, WordPress 2.9 has been released and can be automatically updated with your WordPress automatic updated plug in. The new features are sure to be a major hit with blogger’s who swear by the awesome WordPress blogging platform. Global undo/”trash” feature Built-in image editor Batch plugin update and compatibility checking Easier Video [...] [Read More]

Beware of Facebook Quiz

Image by sitmonkeysupreme via Flickr According to the ACLU warns of privacy concerns. Better make sure you understand those quizzes your signing into on facebook according to the ACLU article. When you use third party applications your allowing others to have access to your personal information, access to your personal user’s profile information, including [...] [Read More]

25 Blogs Worth Big Bucks In America

Image by Getty Images via Daylife Talk about an inspiring and positive outlook for all bloggers everywhere…..the article is excellent! It has been nearly a year since 24/7 Wall St. did its latest edition of the Twenty Five Most Valuable Blogs. Valuations have moved up significantly since then. Advertising CPMs have improved markedly since the beginning of this year. [...] [Read More]

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