Who Do “PEOPLE” Think They Are?

I was not taught to not like myself. Ummmmm….now we have 21st century folks trying to show some of us some different shit. Ooops….sorry boo thang. Some of us know better. We really lke ourselves. Black, white, purple, green, black and blue…whatever.Simply good with our skin color and all that asinine ish takes a back [...] [Read More]

Blog Spotlight | A Photo Editor – Former Photographer

A Photo Editor (APE) is Rob Haggart, the former Director of Photography for Men’s Journal and Outside Magazine. It was this Haggart blog post that did it for me.: Repost This Article [Read More]

WATCH | 102 Year Old Lens on a Canon 5D

I had a request for a photography gig that needed a vintage/pinhole/slightly damaged look. It was a portrait series for a popular subculture magazine. I was inspired by Sally mann’s large format photography, and the associated aesthetic of the large format camera as a starting point. I was not necessarily trying to copy the look, [...] [Read More]

Video of the Day | Smash His Camera

Ron Gallela is one of the first photographers in the world to start the paparazzi celebrity craze fascination that we have today. Gallela was sued by Jackie O for his stalking methods to get that money shot and celebrity snapshot. Ron Gallela picture taking allowed folks to peek into and view an photographic image of [...] [Read More]

Photographer Spotlight | Stuck In Customs HDR Photography

The Red Room Re-Visited Before Photoshop CS5 this dude right here has been creating HDR Photography that makes me say “WOW,” get into it! This brother right here…Trey Radcliff HDR photographic works are absolutely beautiful to look at, ponder and daydream that you were at some of the destinations he has created. I am inspired to [...] [Read More]

Cat Studio Meet & Greet

Meet and Greet for photographers, artist, models, designers, makeup artist, musicians and industry folks networked, kiki, primped and chat it up at Cat Studios on May 15, 2010 located at 610 Lafayette Laurel, MD 20707 I would have love to photograph everyone who walked in the door but it was impossible to do….. I arrived at [...] [Read More]

Digital Photo of the Day | Model Theo Rick Vick Johnson

Photog : Delores Randall thephotographer4you Canon 50D CS5 HDR Theo Rick Vick Johnson Meet this model at the Meet and Greet hosted by Joseph Philbert Jr I am feeling the new CS5 HDR tool….not a bad addition to the monster photography editing tools. I tweaked the digital image with the HDR tool monochromatic setting and the [...] [Read More]

B. Scott Altered Ego

WOW! Celebrity blogger and open about everything in his life B. Scott alter ego for his website. Very nice digital photography and that is one gorgeous man! Repost This Article [Read More]

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