99 Percent of Us Do Not Know We Are Working Class

Here to tell ya….#99 percent of us are working class folks. Umm…live a lie or live the truth. We are the #99 percent. 99 percent of the working class population do not know they are working class people. Whassup with that? Could that be why 47% of the population is voting against their own best interest? [...] [Read More]

Reading is Freaking Fundamental. You Heard? Dat N’Ca Word!

To think some of dems n pubs want to erase the text from #history #books to appease their own agenda. Repost This Article [Read More]

Government Shutdown Laissez Faire?

As I listen to the bantering and bickering on the hill via C-SPAN live. I can not help but ponder about the state of the United States government? Listen to the conversations taking place on the house floor. This government shutdown must end now. Lord have mercy. God have mercy on us all! Contact John Boehner. This [...] [Read More]

SPEAK ~ NWO Century Communication

NWO means alot of different shit to a lot of folks but what does it mean to folks who have been on earth longer than 21 years old? Comments welcome…. Repost This Article [Read More]

OK Cupid Claims To Know What Hot, Sexy and Boring Folks Like

Image via Wikipedia Anyone that compiles information about the likes and dislikes of different nationalities deserves a blog post to share their efforts in cyberspace. What is it that makes a culture unique? How are whites, blacks, Asians, or whoever different from everybody else? What tastes, interests, and concepts define an ethnic group? And is [...] [Read More]

Social Media | Cyberspace Is the “IT” Activity to Do in CyberWorld

I am trolling the cyberspace street just checking out who is hanging out in cyberspace…lord knows some of us don’t expect to read the status reports of our relatives, cousins, friends and cyberfriends status reports online….some of the the stuff I read would make a person pass out from the shock! YUP! The cyberspace world [...] [Read More]

Capitalism A Love Story

Capitalism A Love Story Michael Moore opens October 2, 2009 everywhere. Can you imagine if we could really hold people accountable for the lost of American money, the shit would start a revolution and the world would be up in arms. Leave it to this dude to make a movie out of a very chaotic [...] [Read More]

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