List Your Small Company Profile

Manta allows you to post your small business in their directory. Manta is the largest free source of information on small companies that enables business professionals to promote their companies, sell faster and make business connections. Repost This Article [Read More]

Frederick County Chamber of Commerce Expo 2009

Image by Jason Riedy via Flickr If your hanging out in the Maryland, Washington, D.C. and Virginia region, you might want to swing on by the Frederick County Chamber of Commerce EXPO 2009 for live social networking. This year they will be featuring the ever popular Taste of the EXPO speaker seminars on topics ranging from [...] [Read More]

Bloggers Beefing Over Content

[singlepic id=494 w=320 h=240 float=center] I was perusing one of my favorite celebrity blog a few moments ago for my daily dose of celeb gossip and read that an angry blogger has an all out verbal attack and beef against other bloggers. Whoa girls! That’s so high school to fight over content. You can read the [...] [Read More]

Untold Wealth: Rise of the Super Rich

I am watching a show called “Untold Wealth: Rise of the Super Rich”. on CNBC. This station produces very interesting shows which make me think about my future, how am I going become wealthy and controversial topics that have me scratching my head. The channel in my locale is on Comcast CNBC 44. It is [...] [Read More]

Windows Snipping Tool

[singlepic id=305 w=420 h=340 mode=watermark float=] Did you know that you can use the Windows Snipping Tool to capture screen shots? It is a tool that can be found within Vista. I am not for certain if it is came within previous Windows platforms. It is very easy to screen capture the image when using the [...] [Read More]

Rules of the garage.

The story: President Obama vowed Monday to ease the financial plight of the nation’s small businesses, promising immediate action to revive frozen credit markets. President Obama made his remarks to reporters after he and Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner met in the White House with representatives of the Small Business Administration. The president called small businesses “one of the [...] [Read More]

Personal Assistant for $19 a month.

I am not much of a naysayer; listed in the Men’s Journal September issue called “Guru if the New Rich (Dropouts)” by Larry Smith. He wrote an article about the author of the “4 Hour Work Week” book by Tim Ferriss. Larry mentions in the end of his article a service called “” This service [...] [Read More]

Mind Your Business

I am sitting here listening to the Michael Baison show. One of tonight’s topic is “Living your dreams” series and it very interesting listening to some of the callers. He is letting the listeners know that they can post their resume, business ideals and business opportunities on iseecolor. There are a lot of people out [...] [Read More]

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