Stuck on Stupid | Sarah Palin

Actually truth be told this African American can’t comprehend why you’re still talking? Huh —–> Sarah Palin. Please note sheeple. Y’all can say our Mr. President Barack Obama boils shit n feed it to his family. I support our President of the United States. Note this Boo F*ckem Hoo. Own your stance n #opinions. We are all privy to em. UMPH! What [...] [Read More]

Black History Month Question?

What did black folks or non white skinned folks do to white folks to warrant the horrific treatment by white folks? Repost This Article [Read More]

Black History Month | February 1937 Gee’s Bend, Alabama

  As I listen to the GOP bash President Obama accomplishments while serving public office. It is alleged that folks just started living in poverty? Which is so far from the truth. Folks have been living in impoverished situations since slavery. Descendants of former slaves of the Pettway Plantation. They are still living under primitive conditions there. Meat in [...] [Read More]

Poverty Has Always Existed in the United States

Remembering Gordon Parks Photographer during Black History Month 2012 Poverty has always existed in the United States among-st the working class. I can’t recall a time when the working class were treated fairly in terms of income and opportunities afford to the rich. Most working class folks work themselves to the bone but never get anywhere. Folks are [...] [Read More]

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