Stuck on Stupid | Sarah Palin

Actually truth be told this African American can’t comprehend why you’re still talking? Huh —–> Sarah Palin. Please note sheeple. Y’all can say our Mr. President Barack Obama boils shit n feed it to his family. I support our President of the United States. Note this Boo F*ckem Hoo. Own your stance n #opinions. We are all privy to em. UMPH! What [...] [Read More]

Jail Ain’t Just a Black Thing

What is America to you? Is it only based on the color of ones skin? Being in jail is not just a black thing. Pay attention. Please wake up sheeple. What is #America to me….the house we all live in. Suppose to be a home for all of #Gods #children. I am just a messenger of the music. Corporal slavery coming [...] [Read More]

Black History Month Question?

What did black folks or non white skinned folks do to white folks to warrant the horrific treatment by white folks? Repost This Article [Read More]

Black History Month | February 1937 Gee’s Bend, Alabama

  As I listen to the GOP bash President Obama accomplishments while serving public office. It is alleged that folks just started living in poverty? Which is so far from the truth. Folks have been living in impoverished situations since slavery. Descendants of former slaves of the Pettway Plantation. They are still living under primitive conditions there. Meat in [...] [Read More]

Kudos To Bill Maher for Being A Standup Man

Some would argue that Bill Maher comments are too late. Not so…some folks need to fall back with their disrespectful comments toward our current President of the United States, President Obama. I am under the impression that folks are coming from the left because he is a black man. Look at how his own cabinet [...] [Read More]

Digital Photo of the Day | Human Trafficking

While I was zoning out yesterday and waiting for snow to hit that was to shut down the Mid-Atlantic. It was Human Trafficking Day. Bros Long, 17 years old, Svay Rieng Province. Long’s eye was wounded in 2005 when a pimp kicked her face. When her eye became dangerously infected, her mother brought her to the [...] [Read More]

Jesse Jackson Runaway Slave Conversation about LeBron James

Sign me up for some of that slavery money because the last time I recall. Slaves were not paid the wages athletes are being paid today. Where is Jesse Jackson going with this slavery conversation? I get that Gilbert is feeling pissy about Lebron signing elsewhere but where does Jesse Jackson fit into the scheme [...] [Read More]

How Is Haiti Since The Earthquake?

  I wonder how Haiti is doing since the devastating earthquake brought the country almost to its demise? There hasn’t been much in the news coverage pushing digital images since the earthquake hit the country. According to the Internet street Haiti has been receiving donations in the bucket fills to the tune of millions….I think I [...] [Read More]

Black History Month: Early Photography and African Americans

What we call “history” is born from a collage of glimpses and images, insights and documents. And while this Gallery does not presume to tell the comprehensive [...] [Read More]

Movie: Chris Rock gets black women to talk about having good hair

Leave it to comedian Chris Rock to tell the story about African American women and their hair in such a way that everyone can laugh about it. There is a lot of truth to this movie, black women spend a lot of money on their hair and you better not try to get her in [...] [Read More]

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