Bragging On Social Media Websites Can Land You In Trouble

Two different stories with two different men got the surprise of their life. Bragging on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter can cause an individual a job, college admission, friendships, company mergers and pissed folks off. This happens more than most folks discuss publicly. There are many folks who are judged by their social [...] [Read More]

Reggie Bush Should Keep His Heisman Trophy

Last week I listened to all of the commentary about Reggie Bush and the USC removing every trace of his existence from the school. Since I am on the topic of race…let’s go in. I believe that this is an racial issue on many levels. Here is a black football player who clearly earned his [...] [Read More]

NCAA Hammer Hits USC Trojans

The situation sucks for some of the new recruits for USC but the punishment has to be doled out somehow…..wonder if Coach and Bush are willing to set up 20 scholarships for the kids who are going to have take the punishment they should have received? Listen These kids had nothing to do with it and [...] [Read More]

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