Steak Dinner is Served | Broiled Rib Eye Steak

I love eating a juicy steak every now and then. I remember eons ago. Dr. Swartz my Computer Science professor would talk about loving to eat steaks at Blackies in Washington, DC until he had a heart attack. The restaurant is now closed. I tread lightly when consuming red meat. When I do chomp down [...] [Read More]

Easy Baked Egg Cups

  Easy Baked Egg Cups were prepared in under 30 minutes which included preparation and slicing an whole pineapple. Repost This Article [Read More]

Crock Pot Country Style Pork Boneless Ribs

  The summer is the perfect time to pull out the crock pot to prepare an delicious meal. In the photo above is 3 pounds of Country Style Pork Ribs covered with Basil, Rosemary, Banana Peppers and Cajun seasonings. Add less than an cup of water, turn on crock pot to 350 degrees and allow to [...] [Read More]

Herbs Planted in the Garden Project Completed

  About an week ago I transplanted all of my herbs into the ground. Click below for description of each herb planted in the garden. There are many benefits to growing your own herb garden. A mixture of garlic chives and lavender used as an underplanting for roses, discourages Japanese beetles from attacking roses, while flowering dill [...] [Read More]

Herbs Growing in the Kitchen Garden

  Have you tried to plant herbs in your kitchen garden? Herbs to plant would be Rosemary, Basil, Oregano, Chive and Cilantro. All are great starters for herbs lovers kitchen gardens. All of the herb plants I mentioned are perennial. If you plant outdoors the herbs will grow back annually every year on its own and an little [...] [Read More]

Food | Pot of Pinto Beans and Chicken

Two days later after preparing Cream of Mushroom Meatballs. I had a pork roast bone sitting in the freezer ready to use to make a pot of pinto beans. Soak your beans overnight or for a couple of hours. I was told when I was younger that is how you release the gas out of [...] [Read More]

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