Merry Christmas Everybody

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY Repost This Article [Read More]

Video: WTF? Miss California

Oh my goodness….this is too good for words. I love it when the news get a little bold in questioning the alleged religious and ethics of these holier than thou girls and women who pose as innocent victims of revealing nude photographs taken without their knowledge. Miss California attempted to hide behind her Christian views [...] [Read More]

The Best Things In Life Are Free: National Day of Prayer

The best things in life are free and “Prayer” that is one of those things that we all can do without paying any monetary provisions to anyone except for that 10% tithing your suppose to make per week based on the money you make to the church you attend based on the teachings in the [...] [Read More]

YouTube Facebook Murder

This Youtube video is Asia McGowan addressing haters who visit her youtube page. She was a baby barely a women who life was taken by another youtuber. Sad! I was reading one of my favorite bloggers this afternoon called DreamandHustle today who brought to my attention about a young lady named Asia McGowan who was murdered [...] [Read More]

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