Rick Ross Need a New PR Team ASAP!

I am gonna be the first to say out loud…that deal w Reebok sucked Rick Ross. Fire whoever made the deal. I have disliked Reebok ever since….they know what it tis. Big Ross Know and not dude, not you or anyone would ever make me buy a Reebok sneaker. Under Armouris where is at boo….but you gonna need to get on [...] [Read More]

Linganore Lancers Receive Donation Off the Baltimore Ravens Feet

Image via Wikipedia Linganore Lancer running back Dwayne Randall would like to thank Baltimore Ravens for the cleat donations to the Lancers. A variety of cleats from #Nike, #Reebok and #Underamour were in the box and left for the players….Randall selected number 33 Under Amour Cleats. He stated that he is happy they are generous enough [...] [Read More]

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