President Barack Obama chilling with the First Lady “Michelle” and his daughters.

MUSIQ SOULCHILD “SO BEAUTIFUL”. President Elected Barack Obama has swagger like no other President elected to the White House on the hill before him. This is going to be a very interesting ride for the world to witness. I am glad that I am alive to witness it, the good and the funky. Viewing this [...] [Read More]

President-Elect Barack Obama speaks about bailout plan for the people.

It sounds like President Elected Barack Obama has a plan to bail out the working class people. I sure hope that is the case with his bailout plan he speaks of in this video. This economy sucks big time for everyone. It is going to be a horrible Christmas for a lot of people. We [...] [Read More]

President-Elect Barack Obama in Chicago

Change has finally come to America. Yes We Can & Yes We Did change the face of the United States of America White House. Now the real work begins…..for the first African American man who has become the President of the United States. I am filled with hope for this country. President-Elect Barack Obama in [...] [Read More]

Last Minute Important Election Day Info:

VOTEFORCHANGE Last Minute Important Election Day Info: 1. Where is my polling place? Check out the polling location feature on Google Maps or visit to find out. 2. What are the hours of my polling place? 3. How do I know what identification I need to bring with me? View the laws in each state on Can I 4. [...] [Read More]

Obama flickr page

Barack Obama’s Flickr page of the presidential campaign race for the United States of America presidential seat. Stars are rallying around the globe and you should rallying for change in your communities. Artist to create massive Obama portrait near Barcelona beach Repost This Article [Read More]

Where is the American People Bailout plan?

1 Day left before you can cast your Vote for Obama as the next president of the United States. Turn off the radios and listen to CNN Live on your computers at work, listen in the background while your cleaning your house and on your cellphones to get the latest and updated scoop on this race [...] [Read More]

Obama 30 Minutes American Stories

The entire 30 minute Obama American Stories and Solution. I am voting for Obama; Yes We Can! While your listening to this video of Obama go to the CNN Fact checker for the political scoop and race updates. 30 million people tuned into television to watch the 30 minute infomercial commercial. Obama used $1 million [...] [Read More]

Register To VOTE

Are you registered to vote? Well, now would be the time to get it done and you can do it all online from your computer. Click on the link on the right side bar. Deadline to register to VOTE is October 4, 2008. Don’t wait to the last moment to get your vote in for [...] [Read More]

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