President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama Arrive In London

Word on the Internet street is that President Barack Obama gave Queen Elizabeth II an IPOD and she gave him a outdated framed picture of herself. This is certainly a reflection that gift giving among the elite circle has taken a major nosedive in spending on extravagant items. An Apple classic IPOD cost $250.00, that [...] [Read More]

President Obama is the First President on The Couch

President Barack Obama on “The Jay Leno Show” is the coolest thing to listen to and watch. President Obama is the First President in history; and in some cases our entire life time to watch a president on a late night talk show. My how things have changed since the last president in office. I [...] [Read More]

First Lady Michelle Obama a Force To Be Released

[singlepic id=302 w=420 h=340 float=] This one-shot features the United States’ latest First Lady, Michelle Obama. A mother, political force, and now, wife of the 44th President of the United States, President Barack Obama, it’s obvious that First Lady, Michelle Obama has lived a life many have only dreamed of. Continuing Bluewater’s examination of strong female [...] [Read More]

Good Morning America interview with First Lady Michelle Obama

I don’t what they say, write and draw about “First Lady Michelle Obama”, she is one of the most visible first ladies I’ve have ever had the pleasure of watching. She is the people “First Lady”; President Obama right hand girl is fabulous. You can’t please everyone no matter how hard you try. Repost This [...] [Read More]

Rules of the garage.

The story: President Obama vowed Monday to ease the financial plight of the nation’s small businesses, promising immediate action to revive frozen credit markets. President Obama made his remarks to reporters after he and Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner met in the White House with representatives of the Small Business Administration. The president called small businesses “one of the [...] [Read More]

Housing Bailout Plan For Regular Folks

Up to 9 million families/folks will be eligible to benefit from President Obama’s mortgage bailout plan for regular folks. People will be able to restructure or refinance their mortgage to avoid foreclosure. Our president is doing everything he can to keep the United States afloat. It is very weird that he would inherit this trillion [...] [Read More]

First Lady Michelle Obama Bares Arms

[nggallery id=5] [slideshow id=5] Check out our first lady posing as she bares her well muscular toned arms for her official photograph. Isn’t she lovely in this image, this photograph is better than the Vogue cover. I love Annie Leibovitz photography but the Vogue cover was not her best work. She must have been having a bad [...] [Read More]

Keyes: Stop Obama or U.S. will cease to exist

Alan Keyes go real hard against President Barack Obama about the Stimulus plan which is suppose to bailout companies and help jump start the economy. To be perfectly honest I am not sure what to make of this tongue lashing YouTube video by Keyes. Ever since our President of the United States been in office [...] [Read More]

First Lady Obama ain’t the one!

[singlepic=186,420,340,,] First Lady Obama ain’t the one! M. Obama is not a push over that you can be certain of …She shut the Beanie Baby doll nonsense down really quick. No is going to profit off of her adorable daughters. Don’t mess with her kids, especially without her authorized permission. I can’t say I blame her [...] [Read More]

Baseless attack against “First Lady Michelle Obama”.

Now that the Obama’s are settling into their new quarters, we can watch and listen to the media vultures attack them for simple stuff. The will be coming out the cracks. Dude couldn’t come up with anything positive. He asserts she is a liability. Can we shout crab in a barrel mentality? She is [...] [Read More]

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