Stuck on Stupid | Sarah Palin

Actually truth be told this African American can’t comprehend why you’re still talking? Huh —–> Sarah Palin. Please note sheeple. Y’all can say our Mr. President Barack Obama boils shit n feed it to his family. I support our President of the United States. Note this Boo F*ckem Hoo. Own your stance n #opinions. We are all privy to em. UMPH! What [...] [Read More]

Government is Under Evaluations

I believe the folks that work in the United States of American government is undergoing evaluations. Not sure why I feel that way. I hear the shaky voices n whatnot C-SPAN. Listen to dem peeps that represent your local communities…you know dem peeps you voted for. Listen to them after the vote representing your best [...] [Read More]

Dem Pubs Prefer a Default

American retirees and the working class are a hot topic on the house floor….if I did not know any better. Dem pubs are setting the American people up for a recession > 21st century depression? Sure does sounds like it. All the efforts of Mr. President Barack Obama to move this country forward. Senator Ted [...] [Read More]

40 Attempts to Repeal Obama-Cares

Don’t believe the hype. Obama does care. Dem pubs not so much for the working class constituents that elected them into office. Source Repost This Article [Read More]

Mr. President Obama Fire the Right Wing Extremist

Fire the tea party extremist that is holding our government hostage. Mr. President Barack Obama hand them a warning n if they do not comply. Fire them along with Boehner by issuing pink slips. Clearly there must be something that can be done? This is not a laughing matter. It seems that the rules of the [...] [Read More]

Book | American Growth by First Lady Michelle Obama

You would have to be living under an rock, in the mountains with no communication or an dark cave to not know that the First Lady of the United States does not appreciate consuming fresh veggies and fruit on the White House dinner table. I am INSPIRED to grow veggies and fruits in water bottles, [...] [Read More]

WTF Moments | Don’t RENIG in 2012

Racism is alive, running rampant across the United States, in your face, and has never died. The tee shirt “DON’T RENIG IN 2012″ was created by an user on Zazzle. This t-shirt was designed a dude called “XUBERALLES”. Mr. Troublemaker and an embarrassment to his own people wanted posters for President Obama, Pelosi and Reid and [...] [Read More]

Why Are Extremist Targeting Women?

I would have to agree with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Love me some Hillary Clinton…sure do! The million dollar question of the day. Why are extremist focusing on women? “Why extremists always focus on women remains a mystery to me,” she says. “They want to control how we dress, they want to control how we act, [...] [Read More]

If President Obama Was My Father…..

Mr. President Obama responded to the Rush Limnbaugh debacle. Mr. President is rightfully thinking of his daughters. Any man with daughters should be thinking the same thing about their precious daughters. If President Obama was my father I would be delighted as a child that he spoke up as a father. Any asisine man in [...] [Read More]

40 Reasons to “THANK YOU” Mr. President for…..

Today is the first day of Black History Month. I am proud to be alive to witness the first African American president during my lifetime. Slaves, Whites that oppose segregation and my ancestors would be shocked there is a black man in the White House. I would like to thank you Mr. President for simply [...] [Read More]

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