Dr. Cornel West Commemtary with Roland Martin

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VOTE President Obama 2012 “You Will Be Glad You Did”

I remember what the way of life was for the working class American folks before President Obama became President of the United States…do you? Our president has work diligently to make a change over the last four years with limited resources. Do you know what that feels like? Minimal resources at your grasp to keep [...] [Read More]

Email Bag Responses, Comments and Inquiries

  If I have not returned your email with a response…YES! I am ignoring all comments, bs inquiries about photography services, blog comments, blog content suggestions and lackadaisical inquiries. Attention will be given to anything concerning my boys and husband, family and close friends, job follow-ups, freebies for my blog, sponsorship, legitimate volunteer efforts pertaining to [...] [Read More]

Just In Case You Need A Reminder….Uh Huh~

  I love love absolutely love me some Paul Mooney…Uh huh! Some of us need to laugh to see the truth in the subliminal message. Comedian and legend Paul Mooney appears on the David Lettermen show. Some folks might be feeling some kind of way about the climates of politics. Pay close attention and be mindful this [...] [Read More]

Kudos To Bill Maher for Being A Standup Man

Some would argue that Bill Maher comments are too late. Not so…some folks need to fall back with their disrespectful comments toward our current President of the United States, President Obama. I am under the impression that folks are coming from the left because he is a black man. Look at how his own cabinet [...] [Read More]

First Lady Michelle Obama Reason For Campaigning

First lady: No smoking, no Facebook in White House Feb. 9: In an exclusive interview with TODAY’s Matt Lauer, first lady Michelle Obama praises her husband in his effort to quit smoking and says her daughters do not use social networking site Facebook. In case anyone is wondering Lady Obama says you gotta keep the [...] [Read More]

Keep It Simple Stupid and I Mean Really Simple Photography

White House Photographer Pete Souza uses the KISS method to take digital images. Keep it stupid stupid simple photography is less stressful than toting around a bag of gear and lens. The term popped into my head a few moments ago. I am going to KISS digital photography going into 2011. Did I tell you [...] [Read More]

Book | Dear First Lady Obama, I love Your Dog.

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Kanye West Responds to George Bush on the Today Show

This is turning into something that I am beginning to think is a bunch of bullshit in the media. Let’s keep it 100% folks. Do you really think George W. Bush is going to admit to not liking black people? That’s like asking people if they like eating rat meat for dinner. No one wants [...] [Read More]

WATCH | Why you can say “I Am Proud To Be An American”

Despite the economy and it’s strife. Our beautiful country soil has been truly good to us but we have not been good to her. Whilst folks bicker with their disrespectful bantering toward the President of the United States…lest we not forget about the young men and women who put their lives on the front [...] [Read More]

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