Obama grabs Headlines

There are at least 700 covers of President Elected of the United States Barack Obama around the world. I would have to say that is quite impressive! Talk about Obama fever, baby! I have seen at least 4 presidents in office since being born on this lovely place called earth. I have never seen such [...] [Read More]

Barack Obama Road to Victory

Watch Barack Obama before his speech. Slideshow [singlepic=66,320,240,,] A good friend of mine who is a Photographer based in Philadelphia sent me an email that stated “Reactions Around the World”. I put together a montage of pictures of “Obama Road to Victory” by using “Kyte” to create a video. There will be a lot of [...] [Read More]

The World Exhales – Remembering Obama – Election Night 2008

A montage of photos released by the Obama campaign,photos from around the world, and photos of America celebrating this historic day. I have no words to describe this video except to say it was well done and it is beautiful! Done by: Oilwellian on Youtube Repost This Article [Read More]

Will Smith on Oprah

I love this video of Will Smith on Oprah. He really is a funny dude. By now there are Barack Obama pictures on the Internet on virtually every blog that I love reading. Check out the pictures and story about Obama’s first day at the White House links are located in my post called “Celebrity [...] [Read More]

President-Elect Barack Obama in Chicago

Change has finally come to America. Yes We Can & Yes We Did change the face of the United States of America White House. Now the real work begins…..for the first African American man who has become the President of the United States. I am filled with hope for this country. President-Elect Barack Obama in [...] [Read More]

A great day in history

Today is a great day in history. I have to pick myself off the floor. I am overwhelm with happiness. Barack Obama is the president of the United States of America. I will come back later to blog. I am calling my elders to check on them to see how they feel about this remarkable [...] [Read More]

Now We Wait….

Now we wait…… [singlepic=55,320,240,watermark,] [singlepic=54,320,240,watermark,] Repost This Article [Read More]

Last Minute Important Election Day Info:

VOTEFORCHANGE Last Minute Important Election Day Info: 1. Where is my polling place? Check out the polling location feature on Google Maps or visit Vote411.org to find out. 2. What are the hours of my polling place? 3. How do I know what identification I need to bring with me? View the laws in each state on Can I Vote.org. 4. [...] [Read More]

Internet Tools

While surfing the Internet this morning looking for Barack Obama news and updates while my family is peacefully sleeping. I stumbled upon some very interesting sites which will add content to your website to monitor LIVE TRAFFIC FEED, LIVE TRAFFIC MAP, LIVE RECOMMENDED READING and LIVE PAGE POPULARITY. If your a visual WordPress 2.6.3 blogger [...] [Read More]

Obama flickr page

Barack Obama’s Flickr page of the presidential campaign race for the United States of America presidential seat. Stars are rallying around the globe and you should rallying for change in your communities. Artist to create massive Obama portrait near Barcelona beach Repost This Article [Read More]

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