Day 14 Government Shutdown in the DMV

Ain’t this some dog shit. Never during my lifetime have I ever witness a government being shutdown. YOU? Repost This Article [Read More]

HELP…..the United States Government n our President of the United States need assistance. We are being taken over by US terrorist . The President of the United States is in trouble. Please help…thank you.

Y’all need to speak the f up NOW! Furlough workers….ummm why so quiet? Ummmm…if I were you I would be spewing bout now. Dem peeps on the hill are working overtime. Dem peeps need your help n goddamn voices…I thought 800K peeps were #fourloughed! One can’t tell on the hill….I’ve been hearing it is a ghost [...] [Read More]

Government Shutdown History Lesson

While listening n keeping my ear to the ground. Why hasn’t anyone not notice it is not simply up to our President to make all of the decisions? This is why reading is fundamental. There are three branches of government. The folks people should be pissed off with gets a handshake while the President tries [...] [Read More]

Top Reasons Folks Not VOTING for President Obama

If you’re just now tuning into the political bantering noise during the 21st century. You need to read some of the top reasons folks are not voting for President Obama bantering rants and the raving noise being touted as the reasons folks not for that black guy in 2012 Repost This Article [Read More]

WTF Moments | Don’t RENIG in 2012

Racism is alive, running rampant across the United States, in your face, and has never died. The tee shirt “DON’T RENIG IN 2012″ was created by an user on Zazzle. This t-shirt was designed a dude called “XUBERALLES”. Mr. Troublemaker and an embarrassment to his own people wanted posters for President Obama, Pelosi and Reid and [...] [Read More]

Twelve Things You Should Do This Year

12 is an significant number. This is the year 2012. The presidential election will take place in our nations capital during 2012. Note: If the Republicans have their way, some folks will not be able to vote if their paperwork is not in order.. Despite our disgruntled ranting and views towards our President of the [...] [Read More]

Republicans Don’t Give A Damn About Hispanics, White and Brown Men

Tonight I listen to the CNN Republican National Security Debate. If I was an Hispanic individual that lived in the United States for 20 plus years I would be very salty about having to leave a country that I call home. Justsaying you better think twice before you cast your vote for any of the [...] [Read More]

Eat the President Obama Black Afro Bread

Only in another country would the images of an ethnic man namely the “President of the United States” would be used to creatively to sell bread. It may not actually be President Obama but the likeness is close enough. The bread is placed in the clear package to represent a kinky Afro. The bread actually look [...] [Read More]

Happening Around Town | President Obama, FEMA and Government Officials Ready for Hurricane Irene

Folks from around the globe watched on their televisions, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, social media, Google+, new-streams and surfed the Internet for updates while the East Coast waited for Hurricane Irene. There was not going to be another Katrina or Haiti aftermath in the United States if President Obama, FEMA, government officials and municipalities had anything [...] [Read More]

Race Has Nothing To Do with the Deficit Bill But Everyone’s Money Is At Stake

For the pass week we have all listened to all the bantering noise about the deficit bill. Picture this in your imaginations while your choosing sides: Repost This Article [Read More]

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