40 Billionaires Pledge of Allegiance To Give Away Money

A group of billionaires pledge to give away their billions to worthy causes…40 of the world’s billionaires Pledge of Allegiance to give away more than half their fortunes to charities…..must be nice to pledge half of your wealth to a good cause! The list of taking the pledge of allegiance are some of the nation’s [...] [Read More]

NSFW | Montana Fishburne Sex Tape Chippy D XXX Pictures and Spoiler Released

All is can say is damn….Montana Fishborne really is serious about her walk to shame to get fame! It is a sad day in her fathers house. I could not bring myself to post them…now if I was Kim K I would be like wow, that is what the young girls think of me nowadays….jeez! [...] [Read More]

How To Use Your Digital Images

This woman takes the use of digital images to a whole new level and obviously don’t care if she brand herself as a women scorned. Clearly with the current state of our economy it does not effect her household budget. Her pockets are very deep or she has basically lost it to the tune of [...] [Read More]

Photo Opportunity or Helping The People In Haiti?

Image via Wikipedia When Al Sharpton made the decision to go and help the people of Haiti, most people assumed it is an photo opportunity for the political activist. That could be the case but Al Sharpton is not alone in thinking that way and running to Haiti for the photo opportunity. There has been many [...] [Read More]

Pictures: First Family Volunteers in Honor of King

President Barack Obama, first lady Michelle Obama and daughters Sasha and Malia visited a social services organization a short motorcade ride from the White House on Monday, where they served lunch and chatted up clients. They planned to participate in a service event on Monday, the federal holiday commemorating the birth of slain civil rights leader [...] [Read More]

Happy Birthday First Lady Michelle Obama

Today is First Lady Michelle Obama birthday. Repost This Article [Read More]

Rod Blagojevich I’m Blacker Than Obama

Rod Blagojevich Interview: “It’s such a cynical business, and most of the people in the business are full of shit and phonies, but I was real, man — and am real. This guy, he was catapulted in on hope and change, what we hope the guy is. What the fuck? Everything he’s saying’s on the teleprompter. [...] [Read More]

President Obama a Token President With No Negro Dialect?

Senate leader Harry Reid was forced to resign over racially-charged comments about President Obama. Mr Reid has apologized for saying the Democrats could benefit because President Obama was “light-skinned” and had “no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one”. Mind you he called him Mr. Obama. Does this face look like a racist to [...] [Read More]

First Family Official Family Portrait

The White House today released this official Obama family portrait, President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, and their daughters, Malia, second from left, and Sasha. The Obamas sat for the portrait in the Green Room of the White House on Sept. 1, for acclaimed photographer Annie Leibovitz. Leibovitz, has taken many pictures of the [...] [Read More]

Bill Clinton On Same Sex Marriage And A Polarized America

Image by Creativity+ Timothy K Hamilton via Flickr Bill Clinton has changed his mind about same sex marriages….I guess it’s time for him to get real about this topic. Besides it has been alleged that Hillary Clinton is an undercover lesbian? I wouldn’t be surprise that their marriage is arranged merely for the benefits. This is [...] [Read More]

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