Who Do “PEOPLE” Think They Are?

I was not taught to not like myself. Ummmmm….now we have 21st century folks trying to show some of us some different shit. Ooops….sorry boo thang. Some of us know better. We really lke ourselves. Black, white, purple, green, black and blue…whatever.Simply good with our skin color and all that asinine ish takes a back [...] [Read More]

thephotographer4you Blogging Sabbatical

  For the last couple of months I decided to take an break from blogging to collect my thoughts. An blogging sabbatical. It was the best thing I could have taken for several reasons. Repost This Article [Read More]

Digital Photo of the Day | Block and Suppress the VOTE

  Voter suppression laws are being implement and happening around the country. Who would ever would have thought we would be having an discussion about Voting rights during the 21st century. What happened to blacks and women during the civil rights movement is happening today. The image above was snatched from a Facebook friend wall, reshared, [...] [Read More]

Monetize your Photography

  Professional publishers: Stipple lets you label and monetize the content inside the pictures on your sites. If you are a professional publisher who uses photography, say, a catalog, or a site that mostly is photo-based, like http://icanhascheezburger.com/ how do you monetize your images? Stipple has an answer. http://stippleit.com/ Stipple is an in-picture labeling tool that allows publishers [...] [Read More]

Leica Oskar Barnack Award Call For 2012 Entries

Press release: Solms, Germany (November 16, 2011) – Leica Camera AG invites professional photographers to submit entries to the Leica Oskar Barnack Award, an international photography competition. Photographers wishing to take part may submit their projects online between January 16 and March 1, 2012. The terms and conditions of entry can be downloaded from leica-oskar-barnack-award shortly before the start [...] [Read More]

Empire Avenue Stats 9/19/11 on Flickr.

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Cover of the Day | Supermodel Alek Wek “Fashion Is Power”

Stylist magazine: “Fashion is power” Editor: Lisa Smosarski and Photography director: Tom Gormer. Remember when Alek Wek came on the scene years ago? Wek has three covers. The supermodel looks fantastic! Those thigh high boots are fierce! Repost This Article [Read More]

Empire Avenue Stats 9/13/11 on Flickr.See http://thephotographer4you.com/2011/09/13/empire-avenue-af

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Spotted on Facebook on Flickr.I have to get a pair of these vibram fivefingers.

Spotted on Facebook on Flickr. I have to get a pair of these vibram fivefingers. Repost This Article [Read More]

Empire Avenue Stats 9/11/11 on Flickr.I have been on Empire Avenue since 07/27/11. I found out about

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