WATCH | Print Large-Format Aluminum & Leather Tanning Tech

MENPHIS S.p.A. can print large format and any ideal from a photograph. That is impressive….. Menphis S.p.A. is a pioneer in the development of transfer paper technology for printing and decoration of a great variety of surfaces (transfer printing on skins, leather, aluminum, glass and ceramics) and a landmark in the industry world-wide. Menphis S.p.A.’s versatility [...] [Read More]

Merry Christmas from thephotographer4you®

Thank you for visting thephotographer4you® blog. I want you all to know I appreciate your readership and support. I hope to welcome you all back in 2011. I wish everyone a safe and positive Merry Christmas. Get plenty of hugs, eat to your heart content, laugh harder, cry if you must, pray and always be [...] [Read More]

Blog Spotlight | Carolyn E. Wright – Photo Attorney

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Blog Spotlight | A Photo Editor – Former Photographer

A Photo Editor (APE) is Rob Haggart, the former Director of Photography for Men’s Journal and Outside Magazine. It was this Haggart blog post that did it for me.: Repost This Article [Read More]

thephotographer4you | Wedding Photojournalist – WASHINGTON DC

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Blog Spotlight | Black Star Rising

I read a blog post on Black Star Rising A Photo Credit Doesn’t Pay the Rent and the professional shutterbug hit it on the nail! For folks who seeking TFCD this article may not rub them the right way. For obvious reasons…..seeking free photography from a photographer is overrated and quite frankly distasteful. I agree [...] [Read More]

Photographer Spotlight | Pieter Wisse Seeking 500 Photographers

While surfing through the 150 photographers already compiled on the website by Pieter Wisse for his 500 photographer blog archive. I realized the beauty of photography is truly in the eye of the beholder. It is interesting to view other photographers body of work. Each image is different…that gives the photographer their own spotlight in [...] [Read More]

Buy Life Along With Willow and Jaden Smith

Join Willow and Jaden Smith in the fight to eradicate against HIV/AIDS in Africa and India by Buying Life. Sister and brother team; Willow and Jaden Smith posing in the photograph. Photographs by Markus Klinko and Indrani, styling by GK Reid. Repost This Article [Read More]

Print Wirelessly From Your iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch

Remember when iPad mania hit the airwaves and it was being reported that the must have iPad does not print. With Printer Pro you can print wirelessly from your iPad to Wi-Fi printers and any printer attached to your Mac with the itunes free application, Printer Pro. Repost This Article [Read More]

Turn A Photograph Into A Postcard While on Vacation

Basically you can create a postcard on you iPhone, iPad and iOS device, grab a photo from your camera, add a personal message to the back, and have it mailed out to friends and family. Each postcard is becomes Simply Postcards that are personalized by you and printed on standard heavy stock paper. The postcard [...] [Read More]

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