Digital Photo of the Day | Lisa Marie Lyotte, of the Sicangu Lakota Ospaya Tribe

President Barack Obama stands next to Lisa Marie Lyotte, a member of the Sicangu Lakota Ospaya tribe who was raped and beaten, as she speaks to the audience prior to Obama signing the Tribal Law and Order Act in the East Room at the White House in Washington on July 29, 2010. [...] [Read More]

Digital Photo of the Day | Michael Jackson “American Jesus”

I am beginning to wonder what is more interesting as a freelance photographer….writing about other photographer’s works or snapping my own? This exhibit of work of Michael Jackson should get tongues wagging….uh huh! The name David LaChapelle may be synonymous with celebrity portraiture (he’s shot everyone from Lady Gaga to Hillary Rodham Clinton during his [...] [Read More]

Digital Photo of the Day | Blackglama Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson for the first time rocking her new short haircut for Blackglama…..she is a fierce and fabulous woman indeed! I am inspired! For the very frst time, the 44-year-old does a photoshoot rocking her new short hair. She looks stunning. Very ‘Design of a Decade’. I love it! The singer was photographed by [...] [Read More]

Digital Photo of the Day | ESPY AWARDS 2010

The ESPY Awards aired last night. These are a few highlight moments that grabbed my attention… the end of today there will be thousands of digital images of celebrities and athletes in cyberspace for your viewing pleasure. ESPY 2010 Nomination List Repost This Article [Read More]

Digital Photo of the Day | Lebron James “Take It To The House”

My favorite Lebron James Basketball Moments “Take It To The House.” Repost This Article [Read More]

Digital Photo of the Day | Images BP Doesn’t Want You To See “The Encroaching Sludge”

OMG! Imagine your kid stepping their foot in that poodle of oil in this digital image when you turn your back for a split second or rubbing suntan lotion on your back? You know kids will pick up anything when they are young and naive. The beach is not the place to be right now [...] [Read More]

Digital Photo of the Day | “Mamma Roma” Madonna

Madonna’s Dolce and Gabbana ad campaign recreates scenes from the old school flick, Mamma Roma. Stefano Gabbana told the press: “We wanted to continue pushing our current message that shows fashion’s more human nature and our heritage. This is yet another tassel of that mosaic…we believe the campaign is comforting and that people [...] [Read More]

Digital Photo of the Day | Angela Howard by Keith Howard

Angela Howard by Keith Howard I remember a quote by Bishop T.D. Jakes during one of his sermons that I pull out every now and again to reflect upon. A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men. Repost This Article [Read More]

Digital Photo of the Day | cartoon birds

cartoon birds, originally uploaded by thephotographer4you™, LLC. I was checking out Photosuite III software and it had a cartoon feature. I like it a lot. I took this picture in Atlantic City, New Jersey while trolling the boardwalk with my husband and enjoying the beach air. I love how the seagulls are flying above the crowds. Uploaded by [...] [Read More]

Digital Photo of the Day | Kobe Bryant Visits Africa

Kobe Bryant visited a Football Training Center in Soweto, South Africa with Nike, built to train 20,000 students on the game of football while also being educated about HIV/AIDS. Kobe released the following statement: “While basketball is my chosen sport, I’ve been a football fan all my life. So to be in [...] [Read More]

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