WATCH | A Deceptive Tale of Catfish on Facebook

Not really…I made that part up because this story is one for the books that parents should use as an example to pay closer attention to who your children are making friends with on Facebook. A 24-year-old New York photographer Nev Schulman created a film called “Catfish” about a romantic relationship built on Facebook. The [...] [Read More]

Video: Keyshia Cole “Trust” feat Monica Official Music Video

Keisha Cole has a new cut out with her single featuring Monica. These two dolls can harp! In my humble opinion these two artist are underrated. It’s nice to hear these two dolls working out their lungs. Check it out….more like a making love ballad and getting your groovee song. BY now everyone knows who [...] [Read More]

Food For Thought “Is Your Relationship Making You Sick”?

Did you know that in addition to what we eat that relationships can kill you too? Of course I am listening to the “Michael Baisden” show and the topic “is your relationship killing you”? Earlier in the segment the show was targeted toward women who periods are lasting longer than 30 days, listening to [...] [Read More]

Happy Thanksgiving

What would you buy for a million dollars? Repost This Article [Read More]

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