President-Elect Barack Obama speaks about bailout plan for the people.

It sounds like President Elected Barack Obama has a plan to bail out the working class people. I sure hope that is the case with his bailout plan he speaks of in this video. This economy sucks big time for everyone. It is going to be a horrible Christmas for a lot of people. We [...] [Read More]

O.J. Live Coverage sentencing

This is really a shame. I can hear the emotion in O.J.’s voice while listening to the Youtube video The sentence hand down to him was 15 years with eligibility for parole in 5 years. Whew! O.J. is 61 years old and will be an old man when he is released from prison unless he [...] [Read More]

Oprah giving away free Christmas gifts.

Oprah is not going to show the world how rich she really is this year. She is cutting back the lavish spending on the lucky soccer moms and Joe six packs who sit in her audience each year while we all watched with envy as she hand out expensive toys. This year Oprah is giving [...] [Read More]

Thanksgiving is going to be a hell of a day!

This Thanksgiving Day morning I was surfing my favorite blogs to read the nice happy messages that people tend to write because that’s what they think readers want to read. Well that is not the case with dreamandhustle “For True Hustlers, This is the Best Thanksgiving Ever – Don’t Get Depressed! ” I thought that [...] [Read More]

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