WTF U On People?

So this is what pot does to thinking minds? Dark light mi ass….whatever Snoop Dog n his followers…slow asses n you can’t be serious? w UMPH….eon a mini second. Yeah I thought dog was holding the dog pound down. Dog fan base made it painfully clean. Momma done….dog need a new audience ASAP! Justsaying……F all dat [...] [Read More]

Kicked Out of Social Media Groups

I’ve been kicked out of social media groups n folks groups I thought was mi ace boo cue…groups that I thought were reputable n the real deal. Whatever….onto the next one. I feel a song coming up. Can I just say out loud. I don’t give a damn. Like really….was it something I said? Are were you [...] [Read More]

Jail Ain’t Just a Black Thing

What is America to you? Is it only based on the color of ones skin? Being in jail is not just a black thing. Pay attention. Please wake up sheeple. What is #America to me….the house we all live in. Suppose to be a home for all of #Gods #children. I am just a messenger of the music. Corporal slavery coming [...] [Read More]

American Flag

What is up with folks burning the American flag when they are disgruntled? HUH? What the hell is that suppose to prove? Only a idiot or a dysfunctional individual would do such a thing. Makes one think is the individual mentally challenged? Especially if the individual is a citizen of the country of the flag their burning….like [...] [Read More]

Who Do “PEOPLE” Think They Are?

I was not taught to not like myself. Ummmmm….now we have 21st century folks trying to show some of us some different shit. Ooops….sorry boo thang. Some of us know better. We really lke ourselves. Black, white, purple, green, black and blue…whatever.Simply good with our skin color and all that asinine ish takes a back [...] [Read More]

HOP SCOTCH “Troll Bitches”.

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To Blog or Not to Blog Remains the Question?

  I have been on the fence with blogging. To blog or not to blog has been steadily on my mind? I’ve been blogging for five years. Posting and reposting information that I’ve found useful. I am still on the fence…baby steps. I miss blogging my opinionated rants and ravings. Hence, I’ve been hanging out in cyberspace [...] [Read More]

WTF Moment | Father’s Day Wife Beatings

  I agree with Copyranter, this is by far the worst ad placement of all time. There are numerous women that will suffer at the hands of their violator a “Father’s Day wife beating. I have no words except if you’re in a relationship and someone shows their love by punching you in the face or [...] [Read More]

Digital Photo of the Day | Kim and Dee

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Fierce Women | Guinness Book of World Records “Ernestine Shepherd”

Yesterday while chilling in my home reading newspapers, channeling surfing and looking at coupons inserts. I came across a blip about next week in the “Washington Post Magazine” will be a article about an competitive bodybuilder in her 70s; author Naomi Wolf reflects on the 20th anniversary of “The Beauty Myth”; and four local area [...] [Read More]

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