Our Eldest Son Teaches Me From da Gate

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Getting GHOST

I “DO NOT DO” #stress very well at all!!! I mean that shit too family. I am spewing to all of you too…all of you. Family, tenants, foster, biological, foe n friends…all of you. Ain’t dat bitch….bout to be ghost. Y’all getting on my goddamn everlasting nerves. How bout that? Nah…I am only one person. Ain’t got [...] [Read More]

Dem Damn Rowdy Children in our Hoods

  Best comment I’ve read on one my XeeMe public stream handles today by one one my virtual peep Matthew.: Repost This Article [Read More]


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Message for the 18 years and Older Crew

This message is not personal. It is specifically for the 18 year and older crew that believe life is always going to be child’s play. It is an message to alert the kids at heart to the beginning of their adulthood in case no one ever told them otherwise. Time to wake up and realize [...] [Read More]

Your Child Did Not Make the Cut.

He walked in the door, somber like..sat down at the the dinner table. He kept staring at me. I thought something was wrong. Did someone die? What happen at work? I avoided his eyes. Eventually he spilled the news. Our son was cut he spurted out eventually. In another words our son was kicked out [...] [Read More]

The Kindest Man I Know – Happy Father’s Day to My Dad

Happy Father’s Day Daddy…I love you always and forever. I will dance with you forever in my heart. You are the dad of all dads and have been the main man of my household growing up…thank you dad! This picture has to be at least 30 years old. I have been walking around with a camera [...] [Read More]

Message | Winding Down 2010 and Preparing for 2011

I am chuckling this morning…most of my relatives and colleagues have never heard me utter a curse word or speak any profanity during an conversation. I can only imagine their surprise as they watch my YouTube videos. I was speaking to my mom and dad last night. During the call I realized [...] [Read More]

WATCH | Bloggers Unite Event

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